UCCS’ track and field teams secure double digit wins at invitational

The Mountain Lions men’s and women’s track and field teams competed at the Colorado Running Company UCCS Invite on Jan. 20. The Mountain Lions recorded 15 event wins for the day and ended with 16 NCAA qualifying marks.

The Mountain Lions will travel to Golden to compete in the Mines Winter Classic on Jan. 26 and 27. The meet will be held at the CSM Steinhauser Fieldhouse.

Here are the meet results for the top UCCS finishers from the UCCS Invitational:

Men’s 60 MeterPlace Time/MarkWomen’s 60 MeterPlaceTime/Mark
Brian Mosley Jr.16.75Audrey Bloomquist17.53
Justice Mendoza26.83Victoria Farinas27.69
Donovan Mini36.86Taryn Fettig47.94
Men’s 200 MetersPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 200 MetersPlaceTime/Mark
Andrew Muncy222.65Keyanda Bolton125.41
Sebastian Jean422.80Amber Davis426.61
Dominic Haggerty523.06Krissie Sanders526.62
Men’s 400 MetersPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 400 MetersPlaceTime/Mark
Adelaide Wilson51:00.36
Men’s 800 MetersPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 800 MetersPlaceTime/Mark
Alex Herman72:01.87Trinity Dixon12:16.81
TJ Saglembeni82:02.57Ashten Loeks22:18.17
Rachel Goodrich62:23.58
Men’s 1 Mile RunPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 1 Mile RunPlaceTime/Mark
Sean Graff174:42.37Kaya Pillivant35:21.54
Brooke Moss45:21.61
Emma Montoya65:25.40
Men’s 3000 MetersPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 3000 MetersPlaceTime/Mark
Jagger Zlotoff18:33.61Nadine Almasri210:42.77
Brett Davis59:05.88Molly Breuer510:57.38
Joseph Impellitteri119:15.54Madison Chavez811:05.48
Men’s 5000 MetersPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s Pole Vault  
Logan Cole115:31.52Phia Edwards63.57m
Michael Burke315:47.75
Jack Donze415:57.62
Men’s 60m HurdlesPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 60m HurdlesPlaceTime/Mark
Nigel James18.34Missy Moreni18.51
Bryce Joshlin38.39Krissie Sanders49.10
Leyah Martinez79.46
Men’s 4 x 400m RelayPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s 4 x 400m RelayPlaceTime/Mark
UC-Colo. Spgs (A)13:17.68UC-Colo. Spgs (A)23:58.85
UC-Colo. Spgs (B)23:31.63UC-Colo. Spgs (B)54:15.16
Men’s High JumpPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s High JumpPlaceTime/Mark
Skye Ciccarelli22.04mDallis Robinson41.60m
Caden Frasl41.94mFaith Novess61.50m
Men’s Long JumpPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s Long JumpPlaceTime/Mark
Peyton Turnage17.37mMadissyn Moore15.83m
Peterson Bohannon27.37mChristine Bailey35.64m
Grant Haskins37.36mBrielle Bracken75.32m
Men’s Triple JumpPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s Triple JumpPlaceTime/Mark
Peyton Turnage114.70mAudrey Bloomquist112.10m
Peterson Bohannon313.75mKathryn Carroll411.05m
Jeffrey Franquemont413.75mBrielle Bracken510.85m
Men’s Shot PutPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s Shot Put PlaceTime/Mark
Kyle Demos313.54mAnna Holland212.89m
Thorben Hast1611.12mSavannah Jorgens312.31m
Victoria Malaki511.80m
Men’s Weight ThrowPlaceTime/MarkWomen’s Weight ThrowPlaceTime/Mark
Luke Hard117.95mAnna Holland117.22m
Michael Roberts316.90mCassie Lynn Bonner814.44m
Hayden Cuevas515.48Savannah Jorgens914.22m
High jump redshirt senior Caden Frasl. Photo by Taylor Villalpando.
Hurdles freshman Nigel James. Photo by Taylor Villalpando.
Lanette St. John competing in Long Jump. Photo by Lillian Davis.
Justice Mendonza (6), Donovan Mini (5), Brian Mosely Jr (4) and Daryn Ofori-Kuragu (3) in the 60-meter final won by Mosely Jr. Photo by Lillian Davis.
Maddie Ruskiewicz (6) and Abby Bartel (10) running the Women’s Mile. Photo by Lillian Davis.

Distance runner redshirt junior Sean Graff. Photo by Taylor Villalpando.