University Center directors discuss funding and activity at SGA meeting 

At the Feb. 16 senate meeting, SGA listened to Chad Garland, senior director of the University Center, Katelyn Mansker, assistant director of the University Center and Event Productions and Stephen Cucchiara, director of student engagement speak about safety protocols and how the University Center (UC) uses the funding they receive from student fees.  

Garland began the meeting by acknowledging what happened at Michigan State University. He said that he plans to discuss some upcoming changes to the active harmer protocols on campus and across the CU system with the UCCS police. 

“It’s very tragic when these things happen, especially in university centers, which are known to be the center for community building and engagement on campus, and no one should feel like they’re not safe at a university center. We try to create the safest environment, whether physically, mentally, whatever it may be,” said Garland. 

Garland then broke down the UC’s budget and noted some of the issues they have faced. He thinks that the UC will have a tight budget for the next few years. They may face further budget cuts, are seeking funding for some major repairs they are anticipating and have had to pay for auxiliary services themselves this year. 

“In these next three years, I’ve got to find a way to get really creative with our budget to make sure we can still provide all the services we’re doing and still move forward with many of the things that we talked about with the Advisory Board and others,” said Garland. 

Mansker continued the discussion by sharing some of the roles Event Productions plays and mentioned attractions like The Lion’s Byte that reinforce Garland’s idea of the UC being the hub of campus.  

She also discussed the University Center Student Club and Organization Event Grant Program. The University Center will provide funding for student organizations that want to host open, public events. All they have to do is fill out a form on Mountain Lion Connect.  

Cucchiara then spoke about some of the student-focused programming that takes place in the UC. He also reinforced the idea that the Student Life Lounge is a place that is meant to be open to all students and used by student organizations.  

“We’re really trying to create that as more of a student common space, almost what a student union would normally have where you have unlimited space for students, when really, we don’t have a lot of that in this building,” Cucchiara said.  

In Other News:  

  • SGA made two ad-hoc committees. One of the committees will help run the business side of Clyde’s Student Needs Closet, and the other will help seek funding and support to get more free hygiene product dispensers in the bathrooms on campus. 
  • On Feb. 27, students can get to know the 2023 SGA election candidates through two events. A meet and greet will take place from 11:30-1:30 p.m., and there will be an election debate from 6-8 p.m. Both events will be held in the Student Life Lounge. 

Photo from HB&A Architecture