USOC offers volunteer opportunities

Oct. 3, 2011

Matt Rigby
[email protected]

For over 30 years, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), stationed here in Colorado Springs, has had a volunteer program.

It may not be very well known, however, among the student populous, despite the fact that UCCS is the official educational partner of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

The UCCS College of Business implemented a Sport Management program in 2008, which also allowed students to participate in the USOC volunteer program.

Potentially, there is a tremendous benefit that can come from being a USOC volunteer.

There have been people in the past that started out as volunteers and now have full-time jobs with the USOC or an Olympic sport’s national governing body which is headquartered in El Paso County.

This is something that can also look good on a student’s resume. Plus, unlike the UCCS internship programs, which require a student to at least be a junior or senior, or in some cases, a graduate student, a student can become a USOC volunteer as a freshman.

There are several events that provide students the opportunity to get involved.

Those events include International Olympic Day, which is held annually on June 23 and the Warrior Games.

The Warrior Games are a special event conducted in concert between the USOC and the U.S. department of defense for wounded soldiers.

Erica Hutchinson is the associate director of the visitor center and community relations for the United States Olympic Community.

Her responsibilities include being the manager of the USOC vol

unteer program. “The United States Olympic Committee is fortunate to have a wonderful group of volunteers who help us meet our mission to support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams,” said Hutchinson.

“USOC volunteers provide an invaluable service to USOC departments and divisions, as well as sport National Governing Organizations. We are so pleased to have these remarkable volunteers as a part of our support team,” she furthered.

Scott Blackmun, executive director of the USOC, said that the volunteer program is worth $6 million annually to the USOC and its partners. This is a financially valuable program which has, and may continue to stand the test of time.

Aside from the valuable experience in which a volunteer may p

artake, there are also some benefits exclusive to volunteers.

Twice a year, there is a lunch provided by the USOC for its volunteers. The lunches typically occur in December and June.

Also, for every 20 hours a person accumulates volunteering, they receive a free meal ticket to the dining center at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center.

Students interested in joining the USOC volunteer program should contact Erica Hutchinson at 866-4604 or [email protected].