Venus direct means good news for these signs

     Have money woes, relationship insecurities or flopped creative projects slowed you down? Venus retrograde is to blame, but I’ve got good news: On Jan. 29, Venus stations direct in earth sign Capricorn, where it will continue to sit until March 6.  

     The planet of love and money entered the cardinal earth sign way back in November (which you can read more about here) before stationing retrograde in late December (which you can hear all about on this episode of the subScribe podcast), and has likely caused a bit of stress in either your love life, spending habits or creative/professional pursuits.  

    But all that is soon to be a thing of the past now that Venus is direct.  

    If you began a relationship during Venus Rx (which you should never, ever do), Venus direct could have you and your boo questioning your compatibility. That, or you both could finally realize it’s time to take things to the next level.  

     Venus direct could also help you earn back the money you spent over the holidays (hello pay raise!), or smooth out the kinks of your ongoing creative/work projects or job searches. Again, it just depends on what aspect of your life the retrograde planet messed with over holiday break.  

     While Venus direct is good for pretty much everyone (honestly, who doesn’t want to hear they’ll be making more money and no longer squabbling with their partner?), the transit is especially good for the following zodiac signs. 


     Uh, duh, Venus direct is good for you. The planet is transiting your 1st House of Self, erasing any nagging insecurities about your appearance and restoring your confidence to full strength. (It’s also easier to stick to a self-care routine, btw.) This won’t go unnoticed by those around you. Expect plenty of dates and hangouts…  


     Sitting pretty in your 10th House of Career and Public Standing, Venus direct improves your professional persona. Higher-ups will have nothing but praise and appreciation for all the hard work you’ve done. Word about your impressiveness may travel lightning quick, resulting in a promotion. If searching for a career, now’s the time for an interview…  


     Interactions with your loved ones — fam, boo, boss — will all of a sudden feel as effortless as breathing thanks to Venus direct. The planet is transiting your 7th House of partnerships, ensuring that any lingering confrontations or issues will be swiftly and peacefully resolved. Feelings of fondness swell and you’re once more your cuddly, affectionate self…   


    Issues with your house and relatives (or roommates) are straightening out. Venus direct is in your 4th House of Home and Family, so while you may still want to spend nights on the couch, you’re not so annoyed by your roomies. If there are renovations/redecorations going on, they’re well on their way to finishing…