Video contest, Student Center for the Public Trust emphasize ethics

Mar. 7, 2016

Joe Hollmann
[email protected]

Business is often associated with capitalism and money, but more often than not, ethics and industry intersect.

Two ways UCCS has acknowledged and embraced the idea of ethics is through the Student Center for the Public Trust and the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. The Student Center for the Public Trust is hosting an ethics video contest that asks students to create a video demonstrating ethics in business.

According to their website, the winner of the national competition for the two to four minute video receives a $1,000 grand prize, with the runner-up receiving $500. The one minute commercial grand prize winner receives $800, with a $400 runner-up award as well.

Both the two to four minute video and the one minute commercial contests have a viewer’s choice award, determined by online voting, with grand prizes for the two to four minute video category and the one minute commercial category receiving $700 and $500, respectively.

Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, director of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative, was excited about the experience students can gain from this contest. Gonzalez-Padron is also a member of the team overseeing the video contest.

“It’s an opportunity for students to show they can apply ethical decisions,” said Gonzalez-Padron.

The videos are in the previewing stage, where based on judging, the top four to five videos will be submitted to the national competition. Almost all of the videos were from an accounting ethics class, with one submission from a philosophy student.

“We were hoping to get more videos,” Gonzalez-Padron said, although she did say it is growing.

The ethics contest started in 2011 with only a few submissions, and last year they had 35.

Venkat Reddy, dean of the College of Business, is a firm believer in ethical business.

“Business students are not only taught to have business skills and critical thinking, but also in ethical business decisions,” said Reddy.

“Look how many ethical issues are dissolving businesses and companies,” he added. “At the end of the day you want to do business with people you trust. Ethics is good not just for conscious, but good for business.”

Gonzalez-Padron said the submission deadline for the ethics video contest is still open, as long as the videos are submitted to her at [email protected] by March 26.