Voices of UCCS: Fighting the cold with student ‘fits  

In the last weeks of February, Colorado Springs has received some intense snowfall. As we inch closer to spring, students are running out of chances to show off their best cold-weather outfits before winter is officially over.  

Recent storms have prompted students to put on cozy outfits that don’t sacrifice style or fashion, and I went in search of the best of them.  

Thomas Kemph (he/him), junior education and history major 

Thomas Kemph, photo by Taylor Villalpando.

Here we have a mix of professional dressing for a practicum, and a flannel layer for style and warmth. A winter jacket to top off the flannel is necessary for a student hailing from Texas (Thomas says he can’t handle the Colorado cold yet). Dr. Martens are practical boots that keep the feet warm and add something stylistically with the platform.  

Kayla Parr (she/her), freshman business major 

Kayla Parr, photo by Taylor Villalpando.

This outfit struck me because I appreciate an understated and comfortable look. “I think you can pair sweats and Air Forces with anything” Parr said, and she did with confidence. The “Cigarettes After Sex” hoodie adds some intrigue to an ensemble that may have otherwise been bland.  

Raven Sifuentez (he/him), sophomore with undecided major 

Raven Sifuentez, photo by Taylor Villalpando. 

I’m a sucker for a pair of plaid pants. Sifuentez paired them with a San Diego sweatshirt (which he told me he bought on a trip there) and layered another sweatshirt over the top when he realized how cold it was outside. Despite the sludge on the sidewalk, Sifuentez’s Jordans were pristine.  

Morgan Youmans (she/her), senior communication major 

Morgan Youmans, photo by Taylor Villalpando. 

Trendy girls are all over the platform Uggs, and Youmans is no exception. I adore the silhouette of this ensemble, with the flared leggings and the height added by the boots. The white shirt makes her skin pop! Youmans confessed she was cold despite her cozy outfit, so maybe a jacket would’ve added to the whole thing (I’m thinking a sherpa jean jacket or a brightly colored fleece). 

Morgan Hexter (she/her), sophomore marketing major 

Morgan Hexter, photo by Taylor Villalpando. 

“Library chic” is exactly what I would call Hexter’s outfit. The brown in the sweater with the brown Birkenstocks is delightful, and the material looks so soft! The jeans are a great cut, and she gets bonus points for a perfect rip placement that shows off her tattoos. 

Clara Vierstra (she/her), first-year graduate student in social work 

Clara Vierstra, photo by Taylor Villalpando. 

Vierstra picked pieces that are both practical and stunning. Turtleneck for warmth (a recent gift from a friend), boots for the weather and dog walking, and front-seamed jeans. Not pictured is the scarf Vierstra had on prior to taking a photo, which tied in the colors she had on, and also looked incredibly warm. 

Photo from istockphoto.com