Voices of UCCS: Summer 2021 plans

Allison Speir 

[email protected]  

     Summer 2020 looked different than any past summer. With little control over the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, countless students’ summer plans were cancelled or changed. Even simple things that we took for granted pre-corona, such as spending time with friends and family or working a summer job, were taken away from many of us.  

     Now that Summer 2021 is approaching, UCCS students are hoping to experience their favorite aspects of summer again. Things that would not have been so exciting before COVID-19 are going to be the highlights of UCCS students’ summers.  

     Aviana Swanson, a freshman majoring in psychology and criminal justice, said via email that this summer will look very different from last summer. 

     “Last year (summer) I was unemployed and quarantined at my moms in Minnesota, this year I’ll have my own apartment and be working full time in Colorado Springs,” she wrote. 

     Shaun Sherman, a junior majoring in social work with a minor in criminal justice, said via email, “I will be staying over summer to be a summer RA, and I’m playing football for a minor league team.” 

     He expressed his hopes that this summer will look more normal compared to last summer and that he will be able to spend more time face to face with people.  

     “Last summer was a lot of isolation for me but now I will be able to interact with more people on a consistent basis,” he said.  

     Brendan Zietz, a freshman majoring in history, explained that this summer he will be living in Colorado Springs with six roommates and working at Bed Bath & Beyond. He is looking forward to exploring Colorado Springs and spending time with his roommates. Last summer, he lived with his family near Denver.  

     Katherine Larsen, a freshman majoring in computer security, said that she hopes to find a job or internship for this summer because last summer she was unable to work due to COVID-19. She said the highlight of her summer will be a trip to California with her mother to see her cousins. She added that with more people getting their vaccine she hopes she can go up to the mountains for a trip.