Why every student needs to be involved on campus

May 10, 2016

Jennifer Curry
[email protected]

My freshman year, I strolled into the club fair looking for the table full of sorority girls I could potentially call my sisters.

With determination, a huge smile and a lot of clapping I joined a sorority (yes, Greek life exists on campus), and it was the best decision of my life. I also joined Panhellenic, The Scribe and the Office of Sustainability.

But there’s more to clubs and organizations than just being a part of something.

I came to UCCS bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for the best experience of my life until the anvil of life dropped on my head.

I realized that college is nothing like high school. It’s harder than I expected. High school does not prepare you for reality and responsibilities.

But college doesn’t do that either. There isn’t a class on how to be an adult.

I’ve learned how to be a responsible and competent adult from the clubs and organizations I’ve been a part of at UCCS.

I’ve grown more as an individual in these organizations than I ever would have in a classroom. The skills and knowledge I learned was a different type of education, but just as valuable as an academic one.

These opportunities will make you more knowledgeable and teach you skills that will translate into your postgrad life.

What you learn in class is useless information that you forget 10 minutes after the exam.

Learning how to manage your money and time is not useless. Both are skills I learned from leadership roles I held in clubs and organizations in addition to being a busy college student.

Through my experiences, I learned invaluable interpersonal skills. In life there will always be people that you don’t get along with, and learning how to deal with them is a skill that will always be relevant.

I like to remind myself that there is no Netflix in prison, so deal with the people who suck.

The best part about joining an organization is the people that you will meet and have a forever bond with. My sorority has brought me my soul mates, future bridesmaids and life-long best friends. I only hope the girls that come after me and people in other organizations find the same thing.

The key reason to get involved, in whatever club or organization it may be, has to be something you care about and are excited for.

I’m passionate about my sorority and the work that we do.

You might want to get involved in community service, fitness or writing for a newspaper.

You can learn so much more at a university than what is taught in your classes. Opportunity is out there, go forth and chase it.