A breakdown of UCCS faculty salaries

Caitlyn Dieckmann

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The University of Colorado provided the yearly wages and funding for all staff members under the CU system in the CU Salary Database, which is open to the public. This database can be accessed here and includes the Universities of Boulder, Denver and the Anschutz Medical Campus, as well as Colorado Springs.  

     By clicking the dropdown listed on the webpage, one can view all salary information for the 2019-2020 fiscal year for any of the four CU campuses. Colorado Springs alone has 116 pages worth of data listed for 2019-2020, including information on department group, job title and total funding.  

     Listed from highest wages first, the following are the top four highest-paid job titles, annually, listed according to the webpage: 

  1. Chancellor: $392,043.  
  1. Vice Chancellor: $247,200.00 
  1. Executive Vice Chancellor: $242,238.96 
  1. Vice Chancellor (under a different roster ID): $241,430.04 

     While job titles under the Chancellor’s Office occupy the top four spots, the assistant vice chancellor is listed in the ninth spot, making $197,117.04. The eighth spot, just above the assistant vice chancellor, is held by a professor in the School of Business under administrative operations who makes $213,362.00.  

     Within the top 50, 16 positions — or 32 percent — are occupied by faculty in the College of Business, including professors, the associate dean, associate professors and assistant professors. The 50th spot is occupied by an associate professor of business making $133,254.00 annually.  

     The remaining spots in the top 50 salaries include: two spots held by faculty in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, accounting for 4 percent of the top 50; seven spots held by the College of Engineering and Applied Science, making up 14 percent; seven spots held by the Office of the Chancellor, another 14 percent; and 10 spots, or 20 percent, held by the Office of Academic Affairs.  

     Others, including the departments of Information Technology (one spot), University Advancement (two spots), Student Services (three spots), Beth-El Nursing (one spot) and Administration and Finance (one spot), amount to the remaining 16 percent of the top 50 highest salaries. 

The clock tower located on the UCCS campus.
Photo by Lauren Rock.

     The highest paid job titles within each department at UCCS are as follows: 

  1. Academic Affairs, Dean: $222,000.00 
  1. Beth-El Nursing, Associate Professor-Research: $150,000.00 
  1. Business, Professor: $213,362.00 
  1. Office of the Chancellor, Chancellor: $392,043.72 
  1. College of Education, Professor: $106,654.00 
  1. Engineering and Applied Sciences, Professor: $194,526.00 
  1. Information Technology, IT Director: $133,609.08 
  1. Letter, Arts, and Sciences, Physics Distinguished Professor: $155,946.00 
  1. School of Public Affairs, Professor: $112,851.00 
  1. Administration and Finance, Associate Vice Chancellor: $174,622.08 
  1. Student Services, Associate Vice Chancellor: $191,604.00 
  1. University Advancement, Development Associate Director: $180,019.08 

     The top two job title salaries at CU Boulder are the Athletics Director making $850,000.00 and Boulder’s Chancellor making $505,187.00.  

     In comparison, at the CU Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus, the top two job title salaries are both within the School of Medicine; a professor who received $1,250,000.04 for 2019-2020 and the Vice Chancellor who received $995,208.96.  

     Within the CU System, the CU President received $650,000.00 for the 2019-2020 year.  

     The website mentions that the CU Salary Database is “a summary of annual base salary for CU employees, providing detail by campus, job family and department.”  

     “Additional allowances, bonuses or additions through contractual agreements are not included in the base salary,” according to the website.  

     Each of these values and percentages were calculated from the 2019-2020 CU Salary Database, accessible at the following link, https://www.cusys.edu/budget/cusalaries/.