A hammocker’s guide to Colorado Springs

I never go anywhere without my hammock. It lives in my car in case I ever feel the spontaneous urge to lounge between trees when the weather gets nice.

On hot summer days when I don’t work, I pack snacks, a picnic blanket, a book, my AirPods and sunglasses, and drive to one of my favorite hammock spots for the afternoon.

If you don’t already own a hammock, this is your sign. You can bring it to the lake, take it camping and set it up at the park or in your backyard. After a few years of experience these are the best hammocking spots I’ve found in Colorado Springs.

On Campus

If you ever walk past Main Hall on warm days, chances are you’ve seen people lounging in their hammocks on the Cragmor Green. There’s a cluster of trees perfectly distanced for hammocking on campus.

The Cragmor Green is a great place to read or study when you want to be on campus while enjoying the weather. During the summer months campus is a lot quieter, so it’s a good spot for a nap.

If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, you can hike the bluffs. Follow Sherpa Trail behind the Rec Center all the way to the top, where there are plenty of trees to choose from and a spectacular view of Colorado Springs. I hammocked up there quite a bit when I lived in the dorms, and I was never disturbed.

Portal Park

If you’re looking for somewhere close to campus, Portal Park is just a short walk away. The park has a few hammock spots to choose from, mostly near the tennis courts.

This park gets busy in the summer, with a playground and a baseball field, there’s usually a school trip or kids’ sports team running around, plus the random dog walkers, tennis players, picnic goers and families. It’s not guaranteed tranquility, but if you’re going with a group or don’t mind the noise, it’s a great spot!

George Fellows Park

You probably know George Fellows Park as the park behind the East Library. Though it’s mostly an open field, it has a few trees scattered around the edges, particularly down by the playground.

George Fellows is a great choice if you want to read in your hammock. Pick out a book or two at the library, then head outside with your hammock and your reading material. Hang and relax in your hammock, and when you finish your book, the library is right there for your next read.

Quail Lake Park

This one’s down south off S Circle Dr., a bit farther from school but totally worth it. As the name suggests, this park is just a lake with a walking path around it.

If you meander off the path and head toward the water, you’ll find a few trees along the shore. Make sure you pick sturdy ones, since there’s quite a few dead trees, but there are some gems that are perfect for hammocking.

On a warm, windy day, there’s nothing quite like feeling the breeze off the lake as you swing in your hammock.

Photo by Angelina Kichukova on Unsplash.