A look at transfer courses, what to consider for credit hours

December 5, 2017

Isaiah Cordova

[email protected]

    Coming up on the end of the semester means some students are preparing to either transfer to another university or to UCCS. This means that some students will need to transfer their credit hours.

    Students turn to the UCCS Transfer staff in the Office of Student Recruitment in order to transfer their credits successfully.

     It’s important to understand the difference between transferrable and applicable courses, according to Chris DuVal, director of Degree Audit and Transfer Credit in an email statement.

    “Transferrable courses are any courses that meet the criteria for transfer courses,” said DuVal in an email.

    Transfer courses must be academic as opposed to career or technical and must be from a regionally accredited institution. Students must have also earned a C- or better in the class.

    “These are the courses that transfer to UCCS regardless of degree program. Applicable courses are those transfer courses that can and/or do apply to the selected degree program,” said DuVal.

    “A lot of students think that if a course is not applicable to their program that it was not transferrable, but that is not the case. For a different program, that course may be applicable.”

    It is vital to understand which courses fall into which category, said DuVal.

    “Preparing to transfer courses to UCCS can differ depending on where the transfer courses are to be taken,” he said.

   “Mostly, it is important for UCCS students to work with their academic advisor to ensure any planned transfer courses will meet the aforementioned transfer criteria and are applicable to their degree program.”

    When it comes to considering transfer options, students should not stress.

    “Transfer shouldn’t be a daunting prospect. There are multiple tools for students to find the information they need on their own, or they can meet with their academic advisor to assist with the process,” DuVal said.

    For more information on credit transferring, go to uccs.edu/transfer.