Clyde’s Care offers affordable on-campus insurance option to students

December 5, 2017

Sarah Bubke

[email protected]

     Life can be unpredictable when it comes to sickness. For those who have their own health insurance or are receiving care from their parents’ plans, they could see costs increase.

     In 2018, premiums in the individual market for insurance will increase by 33 percent in Colorado, according to the Denver Post, meaning that the cost of healthcare may rise.

    If outside insurance is too costly when an injury or illness occurs, students have healthcare options at UCCS.

     The Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center offers students Clyde’s Care, a discounted on-campus healthcare plan that covers services provided by the Wellness Center, to cover their medical costs. The healthcare plan gives students an affordable place to go when they have mild healthcare needs.

     For $75 a semester, the basic Clyde’s Care plan covers the majority of costs for visits to the Wellness Center, including unlimited visits, in-clinic labs, wound care, ear irrigation and wart removal. Clyde’s Care Plus, which costs $125 a semester, covers an additional six free counseling sessions alongside what is listed in the basic plan.

    However, Clyde’s Care does not cover medical services off-campus at other providers, nor does it cover costs associated with services such as sutures, immunizations, medications or x-rays.

    Last fall, Clyde’s Care replaced a full insurance plan offered by the university. The Wellness Center ceased to offer Student Health Insurance, the original full plan, on Aug. 18, 2016.

     According to Stephanie Hanenberg, executive director of Health and Wellness, the original insurance plan became too expensive for most students.

     “We only offered a voluntary insurance plan, so most of the students who purchased it were students that had increased health needs. This resulted in more money being paid out in medical claims than we were bringing in with premiums,” said Hanenberg in an email.

     The university’s insurance carrier would raise the cost of the insurance premium by $7,000 a year, contributing to a loss ratio of 200 percent, according to Hanenberg.

     “I didn’t think this was a fair premium to expect students to pay when they can find cheaper options through the exchange,” she said.

     The Clyde’s Care program serves students with and without health insurance. Students without Clyde’s Care are charged $15 per visit to the Wellness Center, whether it’s for a medical office visit or for a counseling session.

     Clyde’s Care is offered during throughout the year during all semesters. Coverage for the spring 2018 semester will begin on Dec. 18 and will run through May 11, 2018.

     “Unlike other universities, we allow students to enroll in Clyde’s Care at any time. This allows them the ability to have coverage should they need multiple visits at any point in the semester,” said Hanenberg.

     The Wellness Center encourages students looking for more extensive healthcare coverage to look at the healthcare exchange for more options, said Hanenberg

     “We refer students to the exchange and make sure they know they can also apply for Medicaid if they meet the income and residency requirements to be eligible,” she said.

     For more information on Clyde’s Care and enrollment options, visit