Academic Office Building shot with BB or pellet gun

Feb. 09, 2015

Evan Musick
[email protected]



University Police Operations emailed students Feb. 3, stating that several windows in the Academic Office Building had been vandalized sometime the night prior.

The windows were reported to be damaged by either a BB or pellet gun.

There was “no indication that anything else was used,” said UCCS Police Chief Brian McPike.

The extent of the vandalism included damage to the north side near the entrance, the lower part to the east and the lower part to the south. There was no damage to the interior of the building and no one was harmed in the vandalism.

McPike believes the shooting may have come from the UCCS parking garage or the Austin Bluffs corridor.

He also mentioned this is a “serious crime,” and that the vandalism was committed with “active intent to damage something.” McPike additionally believes this may have been an “opportunity crime” where someone may have just been taking advantage of a situation.

UCCS Police followed up on two leads in the case, but both fell through.

This is not the first time UCCS has had criminal mischief involving broken windows.

Broken window incidents occurred in July 2010 at the Heller Center, May 2013 at Columbine Hall and more recently in November 2014 at University Hall. It is unknown if there are any connection between the Academic Office Building and the previous incidents.

UCCS Police will continue to investigate the crime. If you have any information regarding the vandalism, contact UCCS Police at (719) 255-3111 or email [email protected].