Men need to be shown love on Valentine’s Day, too

Feb. 09, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

Stop it, ladies!

Stop putting all the pressure on the guys to buy you chocolates and gifts on Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that companies prepare for months in advance, brainwashing girls everywhere into thinking that the day is solely about them.

But you never see a Valentine’s Day commercial with the girl giving an amazing gift to her man.

Valentine’s Day puts too much pressure on guys to get that perfect gift.

Females should take the initiative to put in the same amount of effort to make their guys feel good. There is nothing wrong with buying them chocolates or a nice pocket knife. Whatever they might be into, show them on that day that it’s not all about them getting you gifts.

In my past relationships I wanted everything. Flowers, candy, I wanted it all. I was one of those girls who wanted to be treated like a princess and thought it was the guy’s (and only the guy’s) job to do so on Valentine’s Day.

But that was with my ex-boyfriend. He spoiled me with gifts from head to toe.

One year later I was with a new guy and looking forward to the same treatment, but things were different. Our relationship was mostly long distance. We saw each other maybe every two or three months and Valentine’s Day came when we were eight months in.

Because of my last relationship, my expectations were high. We went to a beautiful restaurant and he gave me a teddy bear, chocolates and movies from Redbox. Then we spent a quiet evening together.

But I didn’t want this to be a typical Valentine’s Day. I wanted to give him something, too.

Going into the back closet I came out with his gift. It was a card, his favorite candy and a painting. He was very surprised and said that none of his exes bought him gifts. He was always told that Valentine’s Day was for guys to give gifts to the girl.

Valentine’s Day should not fall back only on the guy. Both partners in the relationship should put in the same amount of effort.

Females shouldn’t be sucked into the holiday’s commercials. It only puts in their mind that if their significant other does not buy that diamond necklace or Michael Kors handbag, they are just overall horrible boyfriends.

The love you have for your significant other should not be measured by gifts. Show them love every day in other forms rather than buying objects. Showing them love through actions should be more than enough.