Advice from Chickie: Valentine’s Day blues

Dear Chickie,  

I am single and HATE Valentine’s Day. It’s just a reminder of my sad, lonely life. How do I avoid the yucky love holiday this year? 

-Super Single Sam 


Dear Sam,  

     I want to start off my letter by saying that being single is not something to be ashamed of. Valentine’s day is a made-up holiday that only includes those who are “madly” in love with one another. Couples that have been together for years celebrate but not in the way that the movies portray. Most of us sit on our couch and eat away our feelings and binge watch Schitt’s Creek with our significant others.  

     I know that being alone can feel like a black hole, especially when all the pink and hearts start to show up around every corner. Lurking in the shadows just to jump scare you, but they are just balloons and cheap, lousy, sad decorations  

     Being single on Valentine’s Day used to hurt me too so I understand where you are coming from. One thing that helped me get through it all was finding a good group of friends to celebrate your love for each other. Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Make all the goodies, decorate as you wish and then tear it all down with excitement.  

     One way that I used to look at it was instead of trying to hide from it, embrace it. There are no rules saying that this holiday is only meant for couples. It is a day of love. You can celebrate yourself and all the wonderful achievements you have made. All the work you have done and love yourself. This is a day where you get to be selfish. 

     Life is too short to avoid laughter, friendship, and self-love. Buy yourself the chocolates, lingerie, face masks. Take a nice bath and drink a bottle of wine, or pop, which ever you prefer, and read the cheesy Hallmark cards. I say this is your time to shine. Your time to fight the patriarchy.  

     You are not alone. You are surrounded by life and love. Pop the bubbly and dance in your living room in a big T-shirt. Forget what society makes you think you should do and fight this holiday scam. Love yourself.   

Your friend,