An itinerary for a Valentine’s weekend to yourself

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and so is the weekend. If you don’t have a date or plans, I’ve got you covered.

You deserve to feel special, and sometimes the only way you can make that happen is by treating yourself a little bit. I planned a perfect weekend that will make you feel both accomplished and relaxed come Monday morning.

Friday evening

We’re getting right down to business here. I want you to go to the library and find a table where you can set up for the next two hours. Remember, we just need to get everything out of the way for the weekend so you can enjoy the next two days to yourself. Set a timer and pick a few things that are doable in two hours, like reading that needs to be done before your class on Monday, or 1-3 assignments. Take breaks as needed but avoid your phone and distractions.

Since you’ve been on campus, Trader Joe’s is right down the road. Head over and stock up on foods that will be easy for you to prepare and fun to eat. Grab enough for two dinners, breakfast, snacks and a fun dessert. If you’re 21 or over, head next door to the Trader Joe’s wine store and pick out something you’ll enjoy for the weekend.

Head on home. Before you set foot in the door, let’s get a game plan together. The weekend will be so much more enjoyable if your space feels clean and cozy. When you get inside you need to put your groceries away first. After that, spend 15 minutes playing a game of picking up as many items as you can and putting them away.

Now that your space is clean, enjoy the evening to yourself. Put on a podcast while you prep for bed and pick out a pair of comfortable clothes.

Saturday morning

It’s not a fun weekend if you don’t sleep in a little bit. After waking up, make some breakfast and enjoy it while watching cartoons. Bonus points if you’re still in your pajamas.

Saturday afternoon

Put on a comfortable, fun outfit and head to the car. We’re going to do some window shopping and get some fresh air at the shops in Briargate. Enjoy walking around and stopping in any store you like. Take your time and buy yourself a little treat if it’s in your budget.

On your way home, consider if there’s anything you’ve been waiting to dedicate your free time to. Have some lunch and then get to work on your project. This would be a great time to journal, make valentines for your friends, or write a love letter to yourself.

Saturday evening

Tonight’s main event is dinner and a movie. After dinner, decide on what’s playing. I’d suggest “Amelie,” “50 First Dates” or “Fatal Attraction” if you’re in an anti-Valentine’s Day mood. Enjoy a glass of wine (if you’re allowed) and don’t forget your popcorn!

Sunday morning/afternoon

After you’ve had breakfast, put on a comfortable outfit and grab your library card. Today’s first stop is the public library to pick out a new book. I highly recommend the East Library for their great fiction section.

After picking something you’re excited about, head to a local cafe. If you stopped at East Library, Third Space Coffee nearby is a great spot to read. Grab a coffee and enjoy your book.

Sunday evening

Once you’re home, head for the bathroom. Light a candle and put on a playlist of your choice for a long shower. My typical “everything shower” includes a face mask, deep conditioning and exfoliating, but you do you! Follow up with your best lounging clothes.

Enjoy your dinner while tuning into a fun YouTube video (@deepdivenewsletter on Tiktok has some great recommendations.) Don’t forget that you have dessert waiting for you!

Spend the rest of your night getting yourself ready for the upcoming week, and make your space feel cozy for winding down before bed.

I love going out with my friends until the early hours, but sometimes you need a weekend to recharge and spend time catching up on the things that are just for you. I hope with my suggestions you have a great weekend, and a lovely Valentine’s Day (no matter who you spend it with.)

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.