Annual Health & Wellness Fair to include vaccinations

18 September 2018

Travis Boren

[email protected]

    The Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center will host its annual Health & Wellness Fair this fall instead of its usual spring date. The shift to fall is also now causing the fair to include vaccinations.

    According to  Katie Gordon, the Wellness Promotion Manager for the last three years, the fair usually happens in the spring but a decision was made to host the event in the fall instead. The change was made to connect students with resources earlier in the year and to take steps against the spread of the flu virus.

    This will be the first event with vaccinations, according to Gordon.

    “Flu season is a huge concern here on campus. We try to encourage everyone who is able to get a flu shot to protect yourself and others,” said Gordon.

    People who have insurance are encouraged to bring their information. Vaccinations will be available for: the influenza virus; the Human Papillomavirus (HPV); Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (TDAP); and Hepatitis A and B.

    The fair will not focus on just vaccination initiatives, and will include therapy dogs, massage and chiropractor services, skin damage screening, vision screening, pre-concussion screening, mental health awareness and physical therapy.

    “This year we wanted a physical therapist there so we sent out targeted emails and phone calls to the community to get one there,” said Gordon. “Typically we have a list of health clinics and non-profits in the community that provide services that we do not on campus.”

    The event is tailored to incorporate other aspects of wellness, which lead to the financial aid information being available at the event and the invitation of the Excel Centers. The intended goal is to increase access to resources for faculty, staff, and students according to Gordon.

    Vendors at the event are all volunteers, and Gordon takes measures to make sure that it does not serve as a sales event for the vendor.

    “The fair is a completely educational event,” said Gordon. “[Vendors] are not allowed to recruit or sell at the fair.”

    Gordon says that previous events have been very successful, and says this year will be no different.

    “I think it’s going to exceed our expectations and what we’ve seen in the past,” said Gordon.

    The planning of the fair takes months of work. According to Gordon, she started planning the Sept. 25 event last April. She says the planning involves making a list of possible vendors, checking on what services are available on campus, and reaching out to fill gaps for the event.

    The Health & Wellness Fair will take place on Sept. 25 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center.