Best water fountains on campus

2 April 2019

Hy Dration

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    As all true water connoisseurs know, water tastes different depending on where you get it. There are multiple drinking fountains on campus, and, over the last week, I have been in passionate pursuit of UCCS’ holy grail of drinking water. Based on my own opinion and the opinions of multiple anonymous sources, I was able to boil the drinking fountains on campus down to the current top five.

    In 2014, UCCS decided to no longer sell pre-packaged water on campus as part of an initiative called “Take Back the Tap.” From that point forward, students, faculty and staff have been encouraged by the Office of Sustainability to use reusable containers, bottle-filling stations or plain old tap water from faucets.

    According to the Sustainability website, in the Colorado Springs community, the water from the Arkansas River is delivered and purified via a complex, energy-intensive system.

    So essentially, that is what we are drinking.

    When I started my quest for the ultimate thirst-quenching water, I knew there would be a lot of competition; the water quality in the Colorado Springs area is top-notch.

    However, only five water fountains, in particular, stood out among over 20 potential candidates on campus:


  • University Center


      The hydration station near Cafe 65 has, hands down, the best drinking water on campus. When I have to take the long trek across campus to get to Main Hall for any reason, it is my favorite stop. It literally replenishes my soul.


  • Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center. Second floor. By the weights


      This makes one makes a lot of sense; those who exert themselves vigorously (I cannot relate) are going to need cool, refreshing water to restore themselves. As one source commented, “The water is super cold and fresh.” The rec center takes a “W” for sure in the water fountain department.


  • Centennial Hall. Second-floor water fountain, to be pacific.


      Rumor has it, this water has magical abilities. If you drink it before your next big chem test, you will pass. Maybe.


  • Dorms


      I am now under the impression that dorm life equals the best life. Water-wise. According to multiple sources, the water is not only great tasting, but the fountains are conveniently placed. “The one on my dorm floor, easy access for my lazy self,” explained an apparently lazy source.


  • Alpine. Like the whole village.


     One source stated that she believes the hydration stations located there are the best because they are on the new side of campus.

    I apologize to those who hate dry humor, but I hope these top five suggestions have you swimming in happy tears.

    Let me know if your favorite water fountain/hydration station mist the list.