Campus Chatter

Nov. 26, 2012

Mikaila Ketcherside
[email protected]

There are over 20 million students in America, and over 10,000 of them are at UCCS. Their opinions matter.

Ashley O’Dea, sophomore, philosophy and psychology

Do you support Amendment 64?

I don’t support it. I don’t agree with the studies that come out and say it has the same effects as alcohol. I’ve seen other studies say it affects your brain more than alcohol. Plus, we already have underage drinking problems, and this will bring underage smoking problems.”

Will legalizing marijuana hurt the community?

One of my friends recently got into a car accident because she was high. She could have killed someone. I feel like that will be an increasing threat.”

Jordan Durbin, sophomore, philosophy and economics

Do you support Amendment 64?

I support it. I feel that people should make those decisions for themselves, and I feel if you can go out and get drunk, then you should be able to go out and smoke weed.”

What restrictions should be in place to regulate marijuana?

It should be treated the same way as alcohol and cigarettes. It should be highly taxed and have age restrictions. There should also be areas set aside to smoke it in, like restaurants and airplanes.”

Garrick Slack, sophomore, mechanical engineering

Is marijuana as dangerous as or more dangerous than alcohol?

Your body is made to metabolize alcohol. It isn’t made to metabolize smoke. By that logic, you’re simply destroying your body.”

How will the federal government respond to Amendment 64?

They are going to shut it down. I believe that the cartels in Mexico are going to set up a legitimate business, and the ATF will have to crack down on it.”