Top Ten worst marijuana puns

Nov. 26, 2012

10. Yes on 64: “We need to weed out all of the haters.”
9. No on 64: “Things are going to pot these days.”
8.  Local news: “A student brought the ‘high’ to high school.”
7. FBI drug bust: “Let’s smoke ’em out.”
6. Rachael Ray: “Stir the pot – don’t want the leaves to burn.”
5. PG-13 ad: “Don’t smoke alone: make it a joint decision.”
4. Colorado to U.S. attorney general: “Let’s hash this thing out.”
3. Broncos fans: “We’ve always been Mile High!”
2. PPCC student: “Smokers are dope!”
1. News: “Petraeus to head up Colorado’s joint operation force.”