Campus courtesy often falls short, remember your fellow students

Nov. 2, 2015

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Manners. They make the world go round.

From an early age, we learn what is considered acceptable behavior in our society. Chew with your mouth closed, always say please and thank you and excuse yourself if you must leave in an urgent manner.

Many might consider these traits to be common sense.

Unfortunately, between that age of docile learning and our freshman year in college, these characteristics fall to the wayside.

For whatever reason, some of the smartest people in our generation don’t use common courtesy on campus. It’s an infraction that drives me up the wall.

While I still have a university platform, it’s time to address some of these common inconsiderate violations.

Hold doors open for people behind you.

What were you, raised in a barn? The number of students I see who don’t pay attention to their surroundings is too darn high. (And a quick reminder to always use polite language when in a public setting as well).

If someone is two steps behind you, be considerate. It can make their day and makes you look like a kind, thoughtful person. It’s a win-win situation.

Sit on the seat closest to the window on a crowded bus.

We all want our personal space. But sometimes we simply can’t afford to have that. What you do have is the courtesy to invite others to sit down with you.

It’s five minutes of your life. Using your bag to take a seat on a crowded bus makes you look bad. Don’t be that person.

The I-25 of transportation between the library and Columbine Hall is the Spine. While it may be a freeway for students between classes, that doesn’t mean we should see highway speeds.

My life has flashed before my eyes too many times as I debate which way to maneuver while making eye contact with a careening long boarder five seconds before impact.

Use judgment while using different modes of transportation.

Use the doors to the right when you are entering and exiting the library.

Read it, learn it and follow it.

Lastly, park with class UCCS. Too many people park in the parking garage with no regard for others that must use that space.

I understand parking is difficult, but it’s no excuse to blatantly disregard the rules others follow within that confined space. If your car can seat seven people, it’s not going to fit in a compact parking spot comfortably. Park where both you and others can get to your cars.

Despite our different majors and agendas here on campus, we all share one thing in common. We call UCCS home.

Let’s treat each other like we would treat our family members, because in a sense, that’s exactly what we are. Family.