Campus hills turn into snowboarding slopes for UCCS students

This week has been sunny with mostly warm weather, but UCCS closed last week after a huge snowstorm. Students found ways to have fun over the snowy weekend by putting on their snow gear and taking to the campus slopes.

On the hill behind Summit Village the night of the snowstorm, students joined together to ride down the slope of the West Lawn until around 11 p.m.

Wyatt Faye, a sophomore studying business marketing, has been snowboarding for around 12 years. His friends, Alex Miller, a freshman studying sports management, and Kyeden Marsh, a sophomore in business, joined him for their first try at snowboarding.

Wyatt Faye (left), Kyeden Marsh (center) and Alex Miller (right). Photo by Livi Davis.

Since Faye, Miller and Marsh live on campus, they were excited to see the snow build up on the hills. Their hopes of snowboarding required finding the perfect hill, which just happened to be the hill that Columbine is built on.

“This hill is the perfect grade and not too long, it’s easy to walk up,” says Faye. “Because of Columbine, there isn’t much wind, so there’s about two feet of snow built up.”

“I had to offer Alex donuts to come here, he was just going to take a nap,” Faye said.

“I’m very glad I came out though,” Miller said. “We were like, ‘let’s go do something.’”

The friends even built a jump out of the snow on the hill. They were able to build a snow packed ramp out of the excess snow about a foot high. They were able to use it in order to catch air and pull off some snowboarding tricks.

“We’ve been out here for like two hours,” Faye said, “I do have homework to do, though.”

Faye, Miller and Marsh agreed it’s important to go out and have some fun on snow days like last week’s.

Kyeden Marsh. Photo by Livi Davis.