Voices of UCCS: Student spring break plans

As UCCS students complete their last midterms, excitement over spring break is buzzing in almost every conversation. Whether students are taking a relaxing break at home or an adventurous vacation, everyone needs rest and fun after eight weeks of academics.

With break coming up next week, UCCS students discuss their plans for the end of March.

Vicky Sheets, freshman visual art major

“Just chilling, maybe go home and see my family.”

Ryn Gould, freshman business major

“I’m going to Reno, Nevada. I’m meeting my friend who goes to college there and then we’re doing a road trip from Las Vegas to California. She has friends that live there and they’re having a get together. We’re going to camp in between.”

Erik Greenleaf, freshman undecided major

“I’m going to be driving out to Los Angeles, California with my family. We’re taking a road trip to see my grandma.”

Adam Lampel, freshman digital media major

“I’m going to Texas. I haven’t seen my family in a while, so it’ll be good to see them.”

Emma Martin, freshman exercise science major, and Layla Alm, freshman aerospace engineering major

“We’re on lacrosse, so we can’t leave,” said Martin and Alm.

Left to right: Vickey Sheets, Adam Lampel, Ryn Gould, Emma Martin and Layla Alm. Photo by Josiah Dolan.