CARE Team, MOSAIC provide student resources in wake of Club Q

Student mental health has been a campus concern following the recent fatal shooting at Club Q, the aftershocks of which may be felt going into and beyond an already stressful finals season.

The CARE Team and the MOSAIC Office have offered resources for affected students, from counseling to support groups. The CARE Team helps students in times of crisis. They have been present at several on-campus events dedicated to Club Q to provide additional support, including the candlelight vigil and memorials organized by MOSAIC.

Benek Altayli, executive director of the Wellness Center and CARE Team member, says that students in need should seek counseling as soon as possible.

Students can contact community therapists directly using these recommendations and this document for exploring different therapy options. Altayli encouraged students experiencing more intense mental health crises, including thoughts of suicide, to visit this website.

Rafael Norwood, MOSAIC’s LGBTQ+ coordinator, also recommends Wellness Center resources. He specifically encourages students to consider joining their LGBTQ+ support group and bring a loved one for support, which he credits as being personally important over the past few weeks.

Altayli said people offering support to others can identify specific areas where help is needed and tailor language to resonate most effectively depending on the person.

Besides taking advantage of campus and community resources, Norwood says students should show themselves extra self-care, such as regularly acknowledging and validating their feelings as they process and grieve.

Students can email the CARE Team at [email protected] or call them at 719-255-3091 for one-on-one appointments that can offer more individualized support. Students can visit the Dean of Students’ website for more specialized resources. They can also make appointments at the Wellness Center through their website.

To learn more about MOSAIC’s upcoming events, students can sign up for their newsletter, find them on social media @UCCS_MOSAIC on Instagram or @UCCS.MOSAIC on Facebook or stop by the MOSAIC office.

Officer on scene at Club Q. Photo by Kate Marlett.