Merit, need-based scholarship applications open for 2023-2024

Financial strain from inflation and the blocking of federal student loan forgiveness have added to the financial burden on college students. UCCS offers students a chance to alleviate that burden with scholarship opportunities.

As of Dec. 1, students can see if they qualify for various merit and need-based scholarships through the scholarship portal.

The scholarship portal is located in myUCCS under the “financial aid” section. Students can find a link to scholarships under that section.

There are two categories for scholarships: merit and need.

Merit-based scholarships consider academic or otherwise significant achievements, and need-based scholarships take students’ financial needs into account.

“There are close to 200 scholarships in our scholarship application,” said Jevita Rogers, senior executive director for the UCCS Office of Financial Aid. “Since some scholarships are tied to GPA, we recommend that students use the winter break after grades have been posted to see all the options.”

Merit scholarship applications are due Feb. 1, 2023, and all other scholarship applications are due March 1, 2023.

“Please do not wait until the deadlines to apply,” Rogers said. “Do it as soon as you are ready.”

On average, about $4 million in scholarships are awarded yearly through the UCCS scholarship portal across nearly 200 different scholarships, according to Rogers.

Students can also seek scholarship awards through other sources and can start by checking the financial aid website here.

Rogers believes that everyone should apply for scholarships. “You won’t know what you qualify for unless you apply, so apply and see what opportunities are available to you.”

UCCS recommends completing applications in two phases: a rough draft then a final draft. Before the final draft is submitted, someone else should proofread the application.

Even if the questions for different applications are similar, create targeted responses to each essay prompt. The essay should be personal and detailed to leave an impression.

Students with questions or who want additional tips to complete scholarship applications can visit the financial aid website here or email [email protected].

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