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March 9, 2009

The Scribe
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According to recent reports, Chris Brown and Rihanna are not only getting back together, but they have been recording a song together in Miami. Additionally, it has been leaked that the text message that started the fight between the couple was from Brown’s 40-yearold manager, with whom he apparently had a sexual relationship a few years ago when he was just 16.

Lil Kim was pretty fired up about how she was portrayed in the film “Notorious,” which chronicled the life of rapper Biggie Smalls, also known at Notorious B.I.G. The rap legend was a mentor and romantic partner of Kim’s, and she still doesn’t seem to be getting over the way she was shown in the film. Kim now reports that B.I.G. communicates with her from the grave. She told RapRadar.com , “Let me tell you something, the way he’s feeling is going to come out. Like, trust me. Everything is going to come out later. You’re going to see who he really loved and the ones that’s standing up for him the right way is the ones representing him the right way.” Wow, pretending to communicate with your dead ex-lover is a pretty lame way to save face.

The usually sweet Hayden Panettiere lashed out at reporters at a fundraiser for the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation in Hawaii last week. The “Heroes” star allegedly shoved a reporter and yelled, “Don’t you ever touch me! Oh, am I supposed to do interviews? You all make my life miserable.” Yikes, this seems very out of character for Hayden. Perhaps she’s tired of talking about the split with a “Heroes” co-star and her ongoing family drama.