Changes made to upcoming homecoming week

Sept. 15, 2014

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

The stakes for the annual Homecoming week, starting this year on Sept. 18, are higher than ever.

The Office of Student Activities will have to work even harder to accommodate the record number of students at UCCS. Over 1,000 students are expected to attend the dance and casino recital on Sept. 20.

Amber Wilson, lead coordinator of OSA, and her colleagues work to make sure the weeks’ activities live up to their hype.

“It’s a large scale event so we always plan for full force,” Wilson said. “I don’t think it’s more difficult, the office is very excited to plan for such a large scale.”

The week’s events kick off Thursday with a Spirit Rally for students. Those in attendance will be entertained with a variety of games, including a T-shirt swap where students can donate an item of clothing and receive a homecoming shirt.

The giant UCCS letters are also expected to make an appearance, but Wilson issued a caution. “Don’t sit on them, that’s the big thing,” Wilson said. “We don’t want them to crack.”

The March is on Sept. 19. Students join in tailgating activities such as listening to music and face painting before walking down behind the university to Four Diamonds where students will cheer on both soccer teams. The March is capped by the bonfire, weather permitting.

Homecoming has been traditionally held in October, but OSA decided to move it to September this year. “We moved it up because we wanted students to be able to come out and not be freezing,” Wilson said. “We didn’t want the wind to cancel the bonfire because it happened once and students were very upset.”

The climax of the celebration ends Saturday with the annual Casino-themed dance. The location of this event has also been modified.

OSA was able to secure Gallogly Events Center for the dance and Berger Hall for the casino activities. The location will allow for better features during the event.

“We are going to be able to do live tweeting and live Instagram on screens which is new,” said Wilson. “We have a lot of space.”

The bonfire will move from the Four Diamonds parking lot to the Green Field as well.

All students will be required to show their student ID upon entrance to any scheduled events.

“Students should come because we have a lot of student pride and it’s a fun time to go out with friend,” Wilson said. “All the events are free to you except for the formal, which is still decently priced.”