Student ID card: More than meets the eye

Sept. 15, 2014

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Tucked safely away in your wallet or at the bottom of your purse, the branded tan and black card sits with a picture you dread showing to your friends.

For most students, it is a pocket filler that never truly escapes the confines of your purse or wallet except for the occasional book checked out. However, your UCCS student ID card could be more worthwhile than you imagined.

Raymond Fisco, University Center customer service assistant, explained some of perks of having a student ID card both on and off campus.

As per school policy, all students are given an ID upon admittance into the school.

“You can do many things with your student ID card,” Fisco said. “[You can] use the Recreation Center, rent library books and materials and use it to print in the library.”

Fisco details the latest change in the library where students must swipe their card or enter their student ID number in order to access printed materials.

Not only do student cards work as tools for education, it allows the campus to remain better secured.

“Freshmen use it to gain access to their dorms,” Fisco said. “Munch money and Flex dollars can also be added to students accounts and accessed with the use of their student ID, you can use that for any eateries around campus.”

Student events and services such as next week’s homecoming activities and working on campus are better patrolled with student ID cards, making the school safer for those in attendance.

Additionally, renting books and applying for a Lion One card through ENT bank can be used with student ID cards.

Fisco said that the new student ID cards do not have student ID numbers on it, allowing the card to be more secure. He believes you should memorize your number.

“It’s a number you will use a lot more frequently even if you don’t your first semester,” Fisco said.

There are also benefits to using the card off campus.

“A lot of businesses in University Village offer student discounts,” said Fisco. “My favorite is Jamba Juice which gives discounts during their happy hour.”

Every college student needs to save money and with your student ID card it is easy to do so.

Check out these options locally and online:

Online Shopping: There are many online venues that offer student discounts with the use of their ID or student number. The next time you’re looking to buy books see if you qualify for free shipping with Amazon Prime. New memberships are rewarded free two day shipping for six months.

Cost of items such as laptops can also be discounted for students by companies such as Apple, Dell, and Microsoft.

Volunteer work: With the use of Mountain Lion Connect your student ID can track your involvement in clubs and activities.

Discount Movie Tickets/ Student Pricing: Both Carmike movie theatre locations in Colorado Springs offer student discounts with the proof of a student ID.

Gyms Membership Fees: UCCS has a state of the art and nationally recognized Recreational Center paid for by your student fees. However, there are other options around Colorado Springs should you not want to work out at the university. Both 24 hour fitness and Villa Sport offer special student pricing.

That bad picture of you might be useful in more ways than you thought. A student ID is required, so take advantage of these benefits the next time you are on campus. You just might be happy that you did.