CU survey shows results about feelings of inclusion at UCCS

     To ensure inclusive learning and working environments, the University of Colorado system surveyed the student and faculty populations to establish a baseline last semester. 

     The Campus and Workplace Culture survey asked CU students, staff and faculty to rate their experiences with topics of diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. The Board of Regents released the results in early April and will soon develop an action plan. 

     The main survey asked participants 73 questions about their academic, workplace and residential environments. The CWC’s primary topics included Belonging, Department Culture, Sexual Harassment and Mental Health.  

     With the results, the CU system hopes to create a plan to implement new policies as needed.  

     According to the CWC frequently asked questions page, “We will use the results from this survey to better understand our existing culture and to identify both strengths and areas of concern in order to make recommendations for creating and sustaining a just, equitable, and inclusive culture at the University of Colorado.”  

     Although the turnout for the responses to the UCCS survey was relatively low, CU collected enough data to continue with research analysis.  

     A total of 1,928 UCCS undergraduate students responded (20% response rate), while 417 UCCS graduate students responded (21% response rate). In addition, around 25% of UCCS staff responded to the survey.  

     The Board of Regents released the data to the public in a meeting on April 7. In a powerpoint, they divided the UCCS respondents into four categories: undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff.  

     According to the survey, 71% of undergraduate students indicate that they feel like they belong at UCCS, and 65% indicate that they are proud to be a student at UCCS.  

     Of graduate students, 77% of survey participants indicate that they feel that they belong at UCCS. 

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     The survey analysts have highlighted areas that should be CU’s focus in the future, primarily in relation to faculty and staff. 

     About two-thirds of faculty and staff are proud to work at UCCS, yet only slightly more than one-third feel they have opportunities to grow and advance. Additionally, less than half of UCCS staff feel their work is valuable. These areas will likely be a focus for the Board of Regents.  

     A timeline was also presented as part of the action planning update. Phase 2: Data and Assessment, which began with the CWC survey, is currently ongoing. The next phase, Phase 3: DEI Strategic Framework, will likely involve meetings with department leaders to discuss results and begin planning for Phase 4, creating an action plan.  

     Students can visit this webpage to view the general results of the CWC survey and access additional resources. Additionally, students can view specific results at the UCCS Institutional Research page.