Summer beers to try after finals week 

      My perfect summer day consists of a morning hike somewhere in the mountains followed by a book and a summer beer on tap at one of Colorado’s many breweries. Summer seems to bring the best out of everyone including breweries.  

     Colorado has more than enough beer to keep enthusiasts like myself enthused for the entire season. Here are a couple of summer Colorado beers to try after finals for any students age 21 and up.  

New Belgium Brewing Company: Dominga Mimosa Sour  

     Mimosas and beers are both delicious, but together they add a whole new crisp flavor that more than numbs the senses. This Colorado beer comes from the company famous for “Fat Tire” and “1554.”  

     According to the New Belgium Brewing Company website, this beer was developed on a Sunday afternoon when their wood cellar blender Lauren Limbach was gifted a large oak barrel (AKA a Foeder). She named it Dominga, a play on the Spanish word for Sunday.  

     The beer is a golden sour called “Dominga: Goddess of Brunch.” It’s both sour and crisp with an orange sweetness that connects to your taste buds and makes you wish you had more.  

     I recommend drinking this beer in the afternoon after or during a light lunch. It’s ABV is at 6%, so food will help ensure you don’t get drunk too fast because you can’t just have one. It’s available at liquor stores at around $10.  

Odell Brewing Company: Kindling Golden Ale   

     I remember the day and time of when I first tried this golden beer. It was May 2020 and I still had a balance on my stimulus check, so I went and purchased this on a beautiful summer day right before dark.  

     As a pilsner, the malts and taste have a crisp finish, and it’s hard to say no to more than one. Half of the six-pack was gone within an hour when I purchased it. Overall, the beer is in-between Bud Light and Samuel Adams. It has several flavors but still feels light and goes down easily, which can be dangerous, so I don’t recommend this one unless it’s your day off.  

     It has an orange-yellow appearance and a strong wheat smell. The ABV is at 5%, making it the type of beer you don’t need to eat with. But if you are going to try it alongside dinner, it works with any kind of meal as it doesn’t take too much away from the actual food.  

     The beer is available at local liquor stores at around $11 for a six-pack.  

Bristol Brewing Company: Yellow Kite   

     This beer is not just for summer. On their website, it’s referenced as their spring/summer season. They claim that it’s “not your father’s pilsner” and at first, I was confused because I don’t know if my father likes Pilsner, but after thinking about it I get it.  

     This one takes its hops from Europe, specifically Czech, Zaaz and Germany. It is so European in every way that I don’t imagine my father having that style of beer in America.  

     It’s bright gold in its color and malty with a nice refreshing finish. It stays in your mouth after drinking. It’s a light beer in every way and will sneak up on you if you’re not careful. It’s the perfect type of beer to drink at a barbeque as it’s light enough that you won’t feel full after one or two beers.  

     I also recommend going to Ivywild to drink it on draft. Bring a book and enjoy the summer weather with the golden, crisp beer in your hand. It’s at 5% ABV so it won’t hit you too hard.  

     There are more summer beers to recommend, but for now, I leave you with these. Try as many beers as your heart desires this summer but remember to drink responsibly. However, word of caution: These beers may sound delicious prior to finals but try to refrain and save them for when you can enjoy them once the semester is over.