Dance team looks to build awareness and support

Feb. 29, 2016

Halle Thornton
[email protected]

At halftime of the Feb. 19 basketball games, several students clad in ‘80s paraphernalia took the court.

That was the UCCS dance team, a student-run club sport that often flies under the radar, according to their team captain.

“Many people are surprised when I tell them I have practice for dance or I’m the captain of the dance team
because their reaction is usually ‘we have a dance team?’” said Kayla McDonald, senior communication major with an emphasis in digital film and media.

McDonald, who has been a member of the team since her freshman year, said this year’s team has been the best at promoting their performances at basketball games.

“I think our girls this year, more than any other since I’ve been a part of the team, have made a huge effort to spread the word about us and hyped up our performances.”

The dance team has been around for at least twenty years, McDonald said. This year, there are seventeen members on the team.

Jennifer Scoville, a junior majoring in economics, explained the impact the team has had on her.

“My favorite part of the team would be the girls. I don’t think Greek life was for me, but they’re like my own sort of sorority. We’re there for each other in practice, in school and in our personal lives and I love that.”

McDonald said tryouts for the team are held in September, and consist of flexibility, across the floor exercises, technique and a routine.

“After the routine has been taught and any questions have been answered, some time is given for the students to be able to practice. We then split them up into groups of three or four and have them perform the routine,” McDonald said.

The dance team performs primarily at men’s and women’s basketball games during halftime. They have occasionally performed at soccer games as well.

“Any opportunity for the UCCS dance team to show our support or perform on campus is an opportunity we are definitely willing to accept,” said McDonald.

McDonald explained the dance team practices twice a week for two hours in Rec Center group fitness rooms.