Dining on campus offers students mixed food options with decent prices

October 03, 2016

Bradley Umpleby

[email protected]

To accommodate students between hours of studying and taking tests, UCCS offers several options for a quick snack, a beer or a sit-down dinner with some friends on campus.

Cafe 65

Rate: 3/5

If you’re looking for a large selection of quick meals to satisfy your mid-day cravings, Café 65, located on the second floor of the UC is for you.

Unlike Clyde’s, Café 65 sticks to more traditional lunch items, like burritos and sandwiches but with infi nite meat selections to choose from.

During lunch, prices usually range from $7-$10.

It’s a great food-court venue to choose anywhere from sandwiches to gourmet pizzas. Like any standard food court, you pay right as your order is in hand.

With assorted food stations and an environment full of service counters, comfortable chairs, booths and phonecharging stations, Café 65 is the place to hang out before heading back to class.


Rate: 4/5

Located on the first floor of the University Center, Clyde’s offers their customers innovative meals. Their diverse menu ranges from their chicken and waffle sandwich to their caprese salad, which looks like an abstract painting at first glance.

Lunch prices range from $7 to $9.

While indulging in their variety of dishes, try washing it down with their assorted micro-brew and wine selection. Pumpkick Spiced Ale, their new draft from Fat Tire, has an exhilarating kick.

The service is friendly, and they are more than willing to help enlighten their customers to each student’s individualized taste of food and beverages.

After some food and drink, it seems appropriate to hang with some friends and watch the current game on one of the TVs, or shoot some pool right inside the restaurant.

Roaring Fork

Rate: 3.5/5

Students who want a scenic environment away from main campus can go to Roaring Fork, one of the dining halls located in Alpine Village.

Roaring Fork offers a gothic scene with large windows so students can take in the view of Pikes Peak while forking away at their meal.

For students, both lunch and dinner are only $7.95. They can can indulge on healthy meals that fit their desires based on their expansive deli and salad bar.

Vegetarians and vegans are welcomed to dish out a large selection of salads, such as the fruit and nut salad, topped with Italian herb dressing; it’s the customer’s choice and pick.

But if you’re craving meat or pasta, try their chicken parmesan, and finish it off with a vegan peach cobbler.

The Lodge

Rate: 3/5

If you’re watching your diet, but also want a lot of food, try the salad bar at The Lodge, located in Summit Village. Students are welcome to choose from the salad or deli bar during the daytime hours.

Breakfast hours are $6.50 a meal, while lunch and dinner are $7.95 a piece.

The salad bar offers topnotch, organic greens, such as kale. Students have the option to cover these greens with their wide selection of toppings and dressings. With what seems to be an infinite selection of toppings, you can’t complain about how boring your salad looks.

From the deli bar, you can pick out the type of meat you want, which is usually roast beef, ham or smoked turkey but often times there will also be salami or tuna.