UCCS Greek Life sees largest recruitment, looks to add additional sorority

October 03, 2016

Dillon Taunton

Halle Thornton

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     Greek life organizations have experienced an increase in recruitment during the fall 2016 semester due to the significant increase in student enrollment.

     Between four fraternities and sororities on campus, 109 new members joined. Bids for 46 men and 63 women were offered and accepted this semester for Greek Life as a whole.

     This is a 75 percent increase for both fraternities and sororities, according to Lisa Cohe, graduate assistant for Greek Life.

     Over 120 men showed interest in the Inter-Fraternity Council this semester. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, an all-male fraternity, initiated 25 active members, while Alpha Sigma Phi, another all-male fraternity, pledged 23 men into their chapter, according to senior psychology major Travis Tafoya, president of SAE.

     Last year, 80 men expressed interest in SAE while only 15 members were initiated. ASP initiated 6-8 men in their organization last year as well, said Tafoya.

     Phi Sigma Sigma, an all-female sorority gained 34 new members, while 31 new members joined Pi Beta Phi. 72 invitations to join were extended to females overall after formal sorority recruitment.

     Recruitment is conducted during the fall semester to make up for students who have graduated or left Greek Life, said Cohe.

     With this large increase of members, the existing number of fraternities and sororities may no longer be enough in the future. Cohe said that they are looking to add a new sorority.

     The quality of recruitment has improved, according to Cohe.

     “We did a good job getting the word out; telling students who they are and what their organization is all about. We emphasize values based recruitment, so we seek members out based on their alignment to our core values,” said Cohe.

     Cohe said the values of these organizations are important and do not involve partying, or having fun, but focusing on the founding principles of each organization.

     Greek Life is speaking with four national, multicultural organizations to increase membership opportunities to all students and reflect the student body’s diversity, according to Cohe.

     “We are looking at two sororities and two fraternities that are part of the National Panhellenic Counsel, which are historically African American organizations, and we are also talking to a fraternity that is traditionally Latino,” said Cohe.

     Cohe said these organizations will visit the campus to hold informational meeting and see who would be interested in joining.

     To find out how to get involved in Greek Life on campus, visit sll. uccs.edu/org/greeklife.