Does DIA hold dark secrets?

Kristen Brainard 

[email protected] 

     Denver International Airport hides dark secrets and conspiracies. Living in Colorado, you have probably been through DIA before, but you may not have been aware of the weird stuff that is allegedly going on behind the scenes.  

     DIA was built to replace the Stapleton airport, which was a perfectly functioning airport and didn’t really need to be replaced. DIA was built anyway, and went $2 billion over its original budget, and construction went 15 months past the scheduled finish date. 

     What in the world could you build in an airport that costs that much and takes that long, unless there are things in (or under) the airport that we can’t see?  

     Many people believe that DIA is home to underground bunkers to hold the world’s elites if a mass catastrophe happens. Some people have even attributed that they have seen the underground bunkers, and strange things happened to them after. Weird, right? 

     Continuing with this New World Order theory, there is a time capsule outside of the airport, which has been opened and confirmed to be a time capsule. The top of the time capsule reads that it was built by the New World Airport Commission, which, you guessed it, doesn’t even exist.  

     So, who built the time capsule and what is the NWAC supposed to be? To me, NWAC sounds a lot like New World Order, aka the Illuminati. And why does the time capsule have the Freemason logo on it?  

     Making your way through the airport, you’ll probably run across the gargoyles above the baggage claim, and murals showing Nazi soldiers and aliens. That would be enough to creep anyone out, especially people just trying to make their way to their destination.  

     I find this creepy part of the airport to be extremely unsettling.  

     Before you even get inside the airport, there’s a big blue statue of a mustang. His nickname is “Blucifer.” Sounds a lot like Lucifer, huh? And his bright red eyes that glow in the middle of the night? No thanks. To add to the creepiness of Blucifer, the statue crushed and killed his builder during construction, so technically Blucifer killed someone before he was even built. 

     If you look out at the runways while you’re sky high, you’ll also notice the shape of the runways form a shape that looks like a swastika, commonly associated in the Western world with Nazism. There is a debate whether the runways actually resemble a swastika, but why in the world would the runways be shaped like that? Is it the Illuminati? Higher government power? What is it?  

        DIA holds some unnerving symbols and artifacts. Whether you believe it’s the Illuminati, the Freemasons or just some weird airport designers, there’s no denying that DIA holds some weird secrets inside.  

“Blucifer”, photo courtesy of