Don’t be “that” guy

September 12, 2017

Sarah Bubke

[email protected]

    Being successful in college includes the stereotypical advice like studying for class instead of hoping for the best when you take an exam and getting an appropriate amount of sleep.

    But there are also some characteristics you should avoid. Remember, when you walk into class, don’t be “that” guy.

    Don’t be that guy who  ignores the syllabus and then gets angry that he doesn’t have an A in the class.

    Don’t be that guy who holds a group meeting at the top of the stairs.

    Don’t be that guy who wears Colorado College colors to games.

    Don’t be that guy who fills the bulletin boards with selfies and cat memes.

    Don’t be that guy who texts the entire class period.

    Don’t be that guy who takes a whole study room in the library just for himself.

    Don’t be that guy who is shocked that he needs a scantron for the exam when the professor’s  dying words will surely be “bring a scantron.”

    Don’t be that guy who conveniently doesn’t show up to class on presentation days.

    Don’t be that guy who complains about everything. But maybe, I’m that guy.