Top 10 reasons to skip class

September 12, 2017

Jasmine Nelson

[email protected]

  1. To finish homework for another class.
  2. Your class is in Columbine, but you’re afraid of ghosts.
  3. Your boss asked you to come in, and job security is more important than a 5 percent grade reduction.
  4. Sixty years from now, you won’t be laying on your death bed wondering how life would have turned out if you had attended your Intro to Sociology class on Aug. 31 at 3:05 p.m.
  5. Wait, is today Tuesday or Wednesday?
  6. The washer and dryer are finally available at your apartment.
  7. Why waste the time and gas trying to find a place to park, when you could just read your professor’s PowerPoint from home?
  8. You still refuse to acknowledge the importance of public speaking skills.
  9. You were that guy who decided you were too cool for eclipse glasses.
  10. You only got 7.8 hours of sleep last night.