DUELING OPINION | 3-in-1 shampoo is an affordable, reliable choice for college students

I have been using some form of combination shampoo, conditioner and body wash for most of my life. Not all in a row, but it has always been a viable option for me when deciding how to approach my shower routine.

One of the biggest critiques of combination hair and body products is the effectiveness of each feature, being that something that should be used for skin is most likely not going to work as well on hair.

That is absolutely correct and I don’t disagree! That has never been the purpose of these types of products, to perfectly clean and revitalize the hair and body.

What 3-in-1 soaps are meant to do is create convenience by combining all three of them into one bottle, a solution that allows you to save both money and time in the bathroom.

As obvious as it may be, saving money is such a valuable skill to have, especially as a college student. Already having to pay for tuition, rent, transportation, food and entertainment, it makes sense to pinch those pennies where you can. Sometimes that starts with around-the-house items.

I’ve started cutting out these unimportant costs, including food delivery services and overdue streaming services. Now, I have ditched the three separate bottles of body and hair care totaling nearly $20, for one 40 fl. ounce bottle of Suave 3-in-1, costing about a third of my regular bill at just under $7. In this scenario, I’m getting more of the liquid that I use to clean myself every day for $13 less than if I were to get a mash-up of three separate products.

As a busy college student, I think one of the most important values that I need to keep track of every day is time. Time is of the essence when attending a university.

I have found that spending more and more time locked in the bathroom taking a shower has taken an extreme toll on me mentally. It has become, in some cases, an anxiety booster.

Focusing on different steps and amounts of products to be applied to my hair and body is sometimes difficult to comprehend in the moment and can create an overwhelming experience.

With 3-in-1, however, I’ve found showering has become a much more calming process. Knowing that I’m saving at least a few extra minutes by just using a single bottle works in a therapeutic way.

I’m definitely not saying that 3-in-1 shampoo is always going to be my go-to when it comes to showering, nor am I recommending it if you want to take more thorough care of yourself in the bathroom — but with the bonuses that come from spending less money and saving more time, I see 3-in-1 products as having a positive outcome for the people that need it, myself included.

Photo courtesy of dontwasteyourmoney.com.