The Lion’s Byte creates community through gaming

Searching for an on-campus place to watch a soccer game between classes or enjoy an activity with friends? The Lion’s Byte in the University Center offers all UCCS students access to a variety of digital and tabletop games regardless of their past gaming experience.

The Lion’s Byte offers games for consoles ranging from Xboxes to Nintendo Switches. Pool tables and tabletop games like Uno are available for those who prefer competition outside of the digital realm. Students can even watch their favorite sports using the TV equipped with cable.

A graduate assistant for University Center engagement, Tory Patsis, said that since the game room just opened last spring, students are welcome to suggest games they would like to see added to the Lion’s Byte.

“I do meet with the game room attendants bi-weekly, so anything that is going on in the game room that they feel can be improved they can mention to me which I mention to Katelyn [Mansker]. Then, we try and make changes to fit what people are wanting,” Patsis said.

To access the selection of games, students must sign an acknowledgement form and show their student ID to the game room attendant. Guests are allowed with a photo ID and are the responsibility of the UCCS student. According to the assistant director for the University Center and event production, Katelyn Mansker, this process ensures that people will respect the space and the rules noted on the form.

“They, for the most part, just outline appropriate use of equipment. Not damaging things and making sure we are respectful of everyone in the space as well as we are in a larger building,” she said.

The Lion’s Byte has seen a rise in popularity since last semester. Patsis said the game room has received between 115 and 130 students per week since the start of this semester.

Both Patsis and Mansker hope to increase this number by continuing to create an accepting and student-focused community.

“The space is really meant for students, so we want to continue to find ways to engage students, and because there are so many different offerings in the game room, we want to attract multiple students. I think there’s always this perception like ‘Ooh, gamers who like Xbox,’ and it really is supposed to be for any students,” Mansker said.

The Lion’s Byte is open from noon-10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 2-10 p.m. on the weekends.

Students can also attend Student Life’s Game Nights at the Lion’s Byte from 7-9 p.m. on Oct. 11 and Nov. 17.

Students interested in working at the game room can check SEAN for open positions starting in December.

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