Dueling Opinion: TAAP set me up for success this semester 

Everyone knows the feeling of rushing to get their books ready before the first day of class. For me, this was always an extra source of stress. I was quite familiar with questions like was it the Second Norton Critical Edition that I needed, or something else? What was the ISBN again? Will my Chegg textbook get here on time? 

There are many majors at UCCS that require specific course materials. As an English major, not having the correct version of a book can mean the page numbers listed in the syllabus are completely different, negatively impacting one’s understanding and grade in the course.  

In previous years, going through the bookstore to order my textbooks was helpful, except in the case where the professor had not prearranged the textbook with the bookstore. This led me to Chegg and other sites to find the exact book I needed. 

This semester, however, UCCS introduced the Textbook Affordability and Access Program (TAAP) to ease the stress of finding the specific versions of multiple, high priced textbooks and course materials.  

According to the UCCS website, “TAAP takes care of it all, leaving students time to concentrate on their studies and community life.” As someone who found searching for textbooks time consuming and stressful, this statement is true. 

Every student is automatically enrolled in the TAAP program at the beginning of each semester unless they opt out. Because I chose to stay enrolled in TAAP, I was able to have nearly all my class materials available digitally on the first day of class. I went to pick up the rest of my physical materials on the first day of school, making for a quick and largely stress-free process.  

One of the biggest things that I like about TAAP are the digital resources, found on every course’s Canvas page under the VitalSource tab. When I began looking through the syllabus for my online classes on the first day of school, I appreciated the accessibility of my course materials from day one. 

Of course, like all new programs, the introduction of TAAP did not go off without a hitch. I have heard of long lines at the bookstore and indefinitely backordered materials through the program. Unfortunately, that is to be expected when introducing a new program to a university of over 12,000 students. 

Additionally, for the price of $22/credit hour (plus tax), TAAP may not be for everyone. For students whose majors do not require many course materials, the price to enroll in the program is simply not worth it. For students like me, however, with multiple books or expensive textbooks, this program is a welcome change.  

For more information on TAAP, visit the link here on the UCCS website. If you are curious about a perspective against the TAAP program, visit the other side of this Dueling Opinion here

Photo from uccs.edu.