Dueling Opinion: Why I can’t wait to “TAAP out” this semester 

UCCS introduced a program focused on the latest method to get textbooks easier and cheaper. Boy, I could not wait to unsubscribe. 

In 2023, UCCS adopted the TAAP program, in which students no longer have to purchase their own textbooks and can instead receive them from the university at a set price.  

You can pick up the books at the UCCS bookstore or access them online through Canvas’ VitalSource program, which many courses have been using before the TAAP program’s creation. 

At the price of $22 per credit hour, this is overpaying. I am taking a full courseload this semester, and each of my courses are three or four credit hours each, meaning that I am paying as much as $88(!) for a single textbook. 

I’m a communication major. Most of my textbooks have come at a fairly cheap price, and I completely understand that this will make textbooks simpler to get for other majors, and most likely at a more affordable price point. 

However, throughout my academic career, I haven’t had to pay that much for a textbook ever. I’ve been able to find resources for more reasonable prices from different websites, bookstores and other online avenues. 

In fact, during my second-year spring semester in 2022, I was able to procure the four textbooks that were required to complete class all from eBay, and for a fraction of the price that I would be paying this year with the TAAP program. 

Keeping track of my budget is extremely important. I find myself delving into neuroticism when trying to manage my school expenses, amongst other necessities. I’m already paying $200 for a parking pass and an extra $200 a month for dining expenses. That money adds up quickly. 

I do NOT want to add an extra amount of money for textbooks that I can get in alternative ways, especially since I am already knee deep in payments to the university for other things. 

Conversely, the TAAP program will be a game changer for other majors. I have a couple of friends majoring in computer science that are now paying less than half of what a textbook would normally cost just from purchasing on other websites. 

This program could absolutely be a lifesaver for you, and I respect that. But, if you are like me, and are feeling like the TAAP program is not for you, then you can make the decision to TAAP out on the Bookstore website.  

Photo from UCCS Pinterest.