Everything you need to know about the 2020 Gemini Lunar Eclipse

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 2020 has been an unprecedented year (aren’t we sick of hearing that term?), but even more so astrologically, as the planets have been doing things that they haven’t done in many years. Case in point: on Monday, Nov. 30, we will have our first Gemini lunar eclipse in almost a decade.  

     The penumbral lunar eclipse, which takes place ever so early in the morn (1:32 a.m. MT, to be exact) will test our emotional stamina and stir up major self-evaluation. This lunar eclipse in Gemini will directly oppose the sun in Sagittarius, highlighting a need for balance between our beliefs, ideals, ideas and communication skills. 

     Simply put, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. They happen four to six times every year. No big deal, right? Wrong. Eclipses are a huge deal in astrology and beyond.  

     Eons ago, ancient civilizations feared lunar eclipses because they often coincided with floods and other water-based natural disasters, as the moon is linked to the ebb and flow of ocean tides.  

     Astrologically, lunar eclipses generate the same amount of foreboding but for a different reason: they catalyze emotional cataclysms and sudden, often shocking, life changes. If you find that statement a bit dramatic, let me explain. 

     The moon rules our emotions, instincts and intuition. Each month the moon cycles through phases, bringing about periods of reflection, illumination and hypersensitivity. It’s a well-known fact that full moons are times when people lose their composure and feel emotionally out of sorts.  

     Well, lunar eclipses are essentially full moons on steroids. They bring the same frenzied feelings as a full moon — crying, flipping and lashing out, feeling doomed by the universe, etc. — but with an added bonus: unavoidable change.  

    As mentioned, lunar eclipses emit the Earth’s shadow. Astrologically, this translates into an illumination of our shadowy lunar selves, the emotions we’ve been hiding from for weeks, months or even years. Often, what we find in these shadowy spaces of our psyche isn’t always to our liking (hence the flipping and lashing out). Still, lunar eclipses have an upside: they give us the emotional incentive to shine light on our uncomfortable caverns and see where we need to grow. 

     If there’s a problem (or person) in your life you’ve been avoiding, a habit you’ve been unable to break or a relationship/job/degree you’ve been unsure about, the Gemini lunar eclipse will dredge up information about it, forcing you to face it, analyze it and eventually change it.  

     Indeed, change is the theme du jour for Monday’s lunar eclipse, as mutable air sign Gemini is the zodiac’s premier sign of change, commotion, communication and (sometimes) chaos.  

     Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini is intellectual, curious, mentally active, superficial and adaptable. During Monday’s lunar eclipse, these traits will be heightened to the extreme, but so will an inner division between emotions and rationality.  

     Some behaviors to be wary of are: indecisiveness, impatience and the need for immediate answers, trusting the perceptions of others over your own — especially perceptions of yourself — saying what people want to hear, gossiping and invalidating intuition with logic. Impulsive communication should also be avoided.  

     Instead, aim to cultivate some Sagittarius-like trust in yourself and your intuition. Listen and learn with intent, so you can hear the true meaning of the messages you are receiving from yourself and others. Even better, evaluate and explore your feelings before bringing them out in the open. Easier said than done, I know, but at least you’re forewarned.  

     The last Gemini lunar eclipse happened in 2012. And just as it was then, mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces — will be most affected by this 2020 lunar eclipse. Still, lunations don’t discriminate or play favorites. All the signs of the zodiac will feel pushed to talk out their feelings, ask important questions and figure out life adjustments.  

     Since Mercury-in-Scorpio is aspecting Jupiter- and Saturn-in-Capricorn, it’s important to think deeply about the changes we feel compelled to make, as they will be meaningful and long-lasting. 

     Emotions and drama will run high on Monday, so it’s best to wait a few days before you commit to any major changes. I know this advice would be a lot easier to follow if the 2020 Gemini Lunar Eclipse didn’t make us act on our emotional impulse and force seemingly unwelcome changes upon us. But believe it or not, the universe has your back.  

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Graphic created by Camille Liptak