Everything you need to know about Venus and Mars 

     OK. So, you’ve been reading horoscopes by this bad-ass astrologer (i.e., me), and you’re totally obsessed because her predictions are as funny as they are accurate (thanks, I try), yet also caustic and cheeky, and you’re wondering, “How does she do it?” (I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to.) While this astrologer is awesome (OMG, you’re making me blush), she keeps mentioning two planets — Venus and Mars — and how they’re related to romance or whatever, but you’re confused and want to know more. 

     Well, guess what? Cosmic Cannibal has you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Venus and Mars.   

     First, let’s start with Venus

     Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, astrological Venus is associated with similar themes. Yes, Venus loves love and adores beautiful gifts, goodies and people, but Venus is also the planet of socializing, relating, harmony, artistry, money and aesthetics.  

     As ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra, the planet encourages us to enjoy the beautiful and sensual sides of life. This is why the arts and culture as well as romance and relationships fall under the sign’s rulership.  

     Typical Venusian activities are: going out with friends or your S.O. and enjoying a delicious meal, giving/getting a makeover, indulging in a spa day or putting pen to paper and writing an inspiring love song. Basically, anytime you feel like making yourself or your life a little prettier, more balanced or more romantic — or when you splurge or save your cash — Venus is at work.  

     In the natal chart, Venus tells us how we express our affections and what we find attractive, both in our relationships and our personal style. It is one of three astrological planets associated with yin, or feminine and receptive energy. Venus is exalted, or most potent, in water sign Pisces.  

     Now, Mars is a different story.  

     Getting its name from the Roman god of war, Mars is the planet of action, energy, enterprise, willpower, anger and passion. Whereas Venus attracts and receives, Mars desires, purses, chases and pounces.  

     Ruling over the famously hot-headed and passionate signs Aries and Scorpio, Mars is one of the planets associated with yang, or masculine energy. This is why the planet is associated with uber masculine pursuits such as physical activity, confidence, self-assertion, heroism, leadership and lust.  

     Any time you desire something — a goal, an adventure, a one-night stand — or feel particularly competitive, aggressive or excited, Mars is at the root of it. The planet pushes us to act on our desires in different ways (depending on your natal Mars).  

      Lately, you’ve been hearing a lot about Venus and Mars. (At least, you should have been hearing a lot about Venus and Mars — if you’ve read your Leo full moon horoscope and your forecast for Pisces season) And that’s because the two planets have been lining up in Capricorn for nearly a month. This is rare, as the two planets only align like this once a year, at best.  

     When Venus and Mars are in conjunction like this, it’s a coming together of loving and passionate energy that can have a massively beneficial impact on your love life, creativity and self-confidence.  

     Venus conjunct Mars can, if positively placed, bring an extra dose of harmony and motivation to your relationships or your goals, heightening physical passion and purpose. However, the coming together of the planets of love and lust can also intensify any lingering possessiveness and/or materialism, especially if Mars is feeling extra naughty. So, watch for that.  

     Venus and Mars are in close quarters for most of February and March 2022, and they’re making a triple conjunction to Pluto on March 3. Keep this day in your sights because it could lead to a massive romantic and/or personal transformation! Oh, but when Venus enters Pisces in early April, the Venus-Mars conjunction spell comes to a close.  

     Still, that’s eons away, and now you know everything you need to know about Venus and Mars!