Falling into fashion: A look at what’s ‘in’

Sept. 28, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

Fall is here, but what should not be are UGG Boots and black leggings as an everyday outfit.

Here are a few of the new and reusable (but still fashionable) styles for fall that can match your favorite pair of boots.


Keeping with a classic style, head-to-toe black outfits are not going anywhere. To spice a plain outfit up, wear jeans instead of leggings. Define your jeans with the distressed (ripped) style.

Another tip with an all-black outfit is making sure your clothes are almost all the same shade of black.

On the opposite side of the color spectrum, a fall pick is the winter cream head-to-toe outfit. This is for brave souls who are good at not spilling drinks and food on their clothes or want to try something new.

The ideal outfit for this style is a loose-fitting cream sweater and tight cream pants (preferably a tone darker). To make this outfit exciting, ladies can color block their outfit with their make-up.

Burgundy and brown lipstick is perfect for this outfit and the time of year. MAC is currently selling fall colors that will top off any outfit this season.

Burgundy can never get old as a fall color. But use it sparingly in an outfit. One to two items, including lipstick, can be burgundy without overdoing it.

If you are not a fan of the color, I recommend trying it at least once and see how you feel. It is a confidence color you have to own.

Coming on to the scene again are boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable and stylish with the capability of being worn in the spring and fall. For upcoming months, try pairing them with a short pair of boots.


No outfit is complete until it is paired with accessories.

A style that is in and out is combat boots. This year they are definitely in. Instead of buying plain boots, add a little style with a few chains and buckles that shine.

Charlotte Russe will occasionally hold sales on all shoes. While you are picking up new heels for a dinner party, add a pair of combat boots for a little rebel in your life.

When your outfit is all one color, dainty necklaces will add the right amount of bling. Rue 21 is the perfect store to obtain this piece of style. They usually have sales on jewelry, so don’t feel bad when you have the urge to stock up.

Seen on the runway this year for the fall season were statement earrings. These big, colorful earrings will stand out and be the highlight of your outfit, as well as make your peers ask you where you got your jewelry.

The cuff earring is also exceptional for fall.

Most if not all of these great fall styles can be found in two of my favorite stores, Charlotte Russe and H&M. Both stores, particularly H&M, have weekly sales online and in store.

Don’t settle for a pair of black leggings or UGGs this fall. Give a reason for your crush to love you and your enemies to envy you even more by following these simple fashion tips.