Rec Center opportunities continue with expansion

Mallory Barger explains future activities at the Rec Center.
Rachel Librach | The Scribe
Sept. 28, 2015

Rachel Librach
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While the Rec Center is in the process of undergoing some serious changes due to the expansion, they are still hosting programs and events that students can attend and enjoy.

The Alpine Field has been active with intramural events and student club sports such as flag football and outdoor soccer. The field is open for recreation from noon until 6 p.m.

The Rec Center also has some outdoor events coming up this month. Upcoming events include hiking Quandary Peak on Oct. 3 ($15), Nature Photography on Oct. 11 ($10) and the Mt. Cutler Moonlight Hike on Oct. 26 ($10).

These events are in addition to the Student Outdoor Leadership Experience weeklies, events such as hiking, biking and rock climbing that take place weekly in local areas.

The Aquatic center offers four 25-yard lap lanes, a vortex pool, drop slide, hydro-therapy jets and a 20-person spa.

Freshman Jacob Doyle thinks the expansion is a needed boost to the Rec Center.

“I think the gym here is alright, I go to a different gym. The gym I go to has a lot more equipment and I think the Rec Center could definitely use some more equipment, as far as weights and machines,” he said. “I think that the renovation will bring some of the stuff I’m looking for, so I’m excited for that.”

“Probably, once the construction is over I will cancel my membership to the other gym because I think this place will be really good after that,” he added.

This year, the Rec Center has seen an increase in membership and student participants.

“We are up 31 percent in the fitness center usage at the Rec Center since last year,” said Mallory Barger, manager of Competitive Sports and Youth Programs.

“We are definitely getting a lot more foot traffic and we have been getting a lot of visibility with the new Roaring Fork that opened and the Alpine Village.”

Freshman Ryan Kasyoka said the location of the Rec Center is critical to his usage.

“This place is so convenient, every day after classes I just walk here and then go back to my dorm and do my homework.”

The S.O.L.E. center created a new program for incoming freshmen, giving them a chance to win a bike for a year if they did not bring a car to campus.

“Freshmen applied to say they weren’t going to bring a car to campus and S.O.L.E. gave them a commuter bike for a year,” Barger said. “They took applications for that this summer, and 24 freshmen were selected and got the bike for a year.”

The expansion of the Rec Center promises to offer new programs and amenities. For example, there will be eight student work spaces, more group fitness programs offered within the two new multipurpose studios, additional cardio and strength equipment, and a fireplace in the waiting room.

The expansion will house Campus Recreation, the Student Health Center, Counseling Center and certain elements of the nutrition departments in the renamed Recreation and Wellness Center.

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