Five new movies that will get you into theaters this season

Annika Schmidt 

[email protected] 

     Cushy recliner seats. Immersive screens. Contraband snacks. It’s time to return to the movie theater. 

     The list of new movies is extensive, with many finally being released after pandemic-related delays, but here are five films that I personally cannot wait to see in theaters at the earliest possible convenience. 

No Time to Die (Oct. 8) 

     The highly anticipated next installment of the James Bond franchise will finally premiere in U.S. theaters this weekend. Daniel Craig puts on the suit one last time to join an action-packed mission that pulls Bond himself out of retirement.   

     Set in a variety of international locations, Bond will be leaving the tranquility of Jamaica to track down a kidnapping victim and ultimately pursue a villain portrayed by none other than Rami Malek. 

     There’s nothing like the promise of some badass action sequences, an A-list cast and a theme song written and performed by Billie Eilish to get me out and into theaters on Oct. 8. After premiering last week in the United Kingdom, “No Time to Die” has already broken box office records and continues to receive high ratings.  

Dune (Oct. 22) 

     Dubbed an “epic-science fiction” film, “Dune: Part One” will attempt to satisfy a “Star Wars” sized hole in the hearts of sci-fi fans. New, quality sci-fi action films are scarce these days.  

     Adapted from a 1965 bestselling novel by the same name — which is the first part of a franchise with over two dozen novels — “Dune” could be the next big craze.  

     The film is set in a futuristic society on a planet called Dune which is covered in deserts. The plot centers around a spice that is local to the planet and grants consumers superhuman qualities.  

     The cast features Timothée Chalamet as the son of Rebecca Ferguson’s and Oscar Isaac’s characters. Chalamet will be joined on screen by the remarkable Zendaya. If nothing else has intrigued you thus far, this powerhouse pair should. 

The French Dispatch (Oct. 22) 

     I cannot express in words how excited I am to see “The French Dispatch.” Back in February 2020 (yes, 2020), I stumbled across the trailer for this newest masterpiece by filmmaker Wes Anderson and thought waiting until that summer to see the feature would be impossible.  

     Little did I know that my wait would be exponentially longer due to the pandemic — but now, the wait is almost over! 

     An absolutely spectacular ensemble cast featuring Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Adrian Brody, Frances McDormund and Benecio del Toro (seriously, I could go on and on) will animate three storylines set at a French newspaper in the 20th century.  

     Based on one plot summary, the film is a “love letter to journalists” and as a student journalist, I am ecstatic about the potential obsession I will have with this film once it is released on Oct. 22.  

Last Night in Soho (Oct. 29) 

     A psychological horror bedazzled in a rich 60s aesthetic? Starring Anya Taylor-Joy? How could I not include this dark and disturbing new feature on my list! 

     Up-and-coming actress Thomason McKenzie transforms into aspiring fashion designer, Eloise, who takes a step back into the past, sparking a similar feel to Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” However, “Last Night in Soho” is set to be a whole lot darker. 

     The Eloise character embodies Taylor-Joy’s character, Sandie, only to discover that life in the 60s isn’t as glamorous as she originally thought.  

     Stylish and thrilling rolled into one female-led feature, I’m expecting some serious chills and thrills from “Last Night in Soho.” 

House of Gucci (Nov. 24) 

     Adam Driver and Lady Gaga assume leading roles in this crime drama based on true events within the Gucci fashion family.  

     The film promises to be scandalous, murderous and sensational, based on a book of the same name. 

     Driver will once again portray a divorcee on the big screen — two years after his Academy Award nominated performance in “Marriage Story” — but this time with a more morbid outcome, as anyone familiar with the divorce of Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio Gucci (Driver) may know.  

     If the production design is as glorious as the Gucci brand, the plot as dramatic as the true events and the lead cast as strong as former performances have set them up to be, I think we are all in for an award-winning experience. 

Kimball’s Peak Theater, located downtown. Photo courtesy of Scribe archives.