Grow with us.

May 8, 2018

Isaiah Cordova

[email protected]

My freshman year was shaped largely by The Scribe. Being able to work in such an organization has helped me mature and has prepared me for my next role as one of two Editors-in-Chief.

    College media organizations are vastly important to the environment of a university. Maintaining and hopefully expanding The Scribe’s role at UCCS is vastly important to me as a new editor. Working closely with Joy Webb, I will strive to help the staff here work towards putting out an end-product we can be proud of each week.

    The purpose of an on-campus publication is to provide a voice to the underrepresented population while keeping an eye on important figures in campus administration and in student government, where any decision can affect the average student.

    Without a proper news publication, students can be left in the dark to upper-level decisions, as well as to the struggles people you may not give a second look to have to endure.

    Proper news coverage is important. Proper culture coverage is important. Thoughtful and insightful opinions are important.

    A newspaper without proper editorial consideration is pointless. That’s why we’ll continue to strive for an increasingly independent standing on campus, encourage our reporters to find stories that matter and to make them digestible for readers and provide coverage that shows the depth of the campus community.

    The editorial page is also your place to speak. It’s where the concerned student can pen (or type) a letter to the editor regarding an event or controversy which spurs them to do so.

    The Scribe will strive to do this while preserving a balanced position on everything controversial; providing all angles to a complex story adds dimension and meaning.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t be an entertaining publication, either. Editorial ethics can stand side-by-side with thoughtful and interesting stories showing an almost-secret facet of campus many may consider enjoyable.

    We have fun in The Scribe. It eases the stress of production day and means that the office is a great place to work (p.s., we’re hiring!). I look forward to the days that we put together the paper, though it is hard work.

    It’s 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 4, as I type this. We’re all exhausted, or at least I am.

    But that’s what we do, and I want to be as transparent as possible about our role on campus. That’s why editorials are important; they give the editorial staff a place to question campus and world events and allow us to react in a way that the stories in the opinion section can’t.

      So, drop us a line sometime. Whether it be a letter to the editor, or we missed a letter somewhere along the line, we’ll look into it.

    That’s how we’ll keep The Scribe a voice for students as we increase our reach.