Grow with us.

May 8, 2018

Joy Webb

[email protected]

My first ever visit to UCCS included walking into the Scribe office and leaving knowing that I wanted to sit at one of those desks someday.

    This year, as a freshman, my first task was to apply to this organization as a reporter. I ended up getting hired in an editorial position and the impact has been profound.

    My main goal as a journalist has always been to report the truth; to be a storyteller and a voice for the people. Giving students an outlet has been such a pleasure this year at UCCS as the associate editor for the Scribe.

    I’ve met so many wonderful students and faculty through the Scribe and it truly sheds a light on what college is all about: experience.

    Through our newspaper, students and faculty are able to connect and experience all aspects of the university that they wouldn’t without this publication. From reading about an event that recently occured or is upcoming, an opinion article that is relevant and timely that makes you contemplate an important subject, a spotlight on an up and coming artist or musician or a sports article that previews the upcoming season that everyone has been waiting for: this is journalism.

     I live for the moments when I walk by a student or staff member reading a copy of the Scribe on campus.

    Out of all the different titles I hold at this point in my life, journalist has the most precedence. Student media is a crucial part of campus community and I cannot stress this enough.

    As the new Co Editor-in-chief I want to be the eyes and ears of the school and the medium between word of mouth and a lasting article.

    My passion has always been writing and this passion is even more fulfilled through connecting with people and sharing relevant information. I want to report the truth, bringing back relevance and reliability into an industry that is often seen as neither.

   As long as I’m a student at UCCS, I’m committed to this organization being my main priority. The Scribe is more than just a newspaper; it’s a staff full of determined journalists who are devoted to printing a worthy publication.

    For the duration of working as Co editor, I will be dedicated to reporting the truth. Alongside Isaiah Cordova, I’m confident this organization will only grow and improve.

   “We don’t go into journalism to be popular. It is our job to seek the truth,” said American journalist, Helen Thomas.