Halloween events coming to UCCS and Colorado Springs

October has finally arrived, and with it comes exciting Halloween-themed events on campus and in the city. Students who are looking for a fun, frightful evening should take advantage while they’re still around.

Homecoming: Drive-in movie

Fans of the classic family film “Halloweentown” should take a look at this event hosted by UCCS Student Life. The film will be shown in a drive-in theater at Lot 103 on campus on Oct. 7. The drive-in is free to attend, and free popcorn will also be provided.

HellScream Haunted House

The HellScream Haunted House has opened up for its 11th year in a row, allowing customers to experience one of the best and scariest haunted houses in the state yet again. It is supported by some of the best special effects and film professionals which give it high level scares and detailed sets.

For students looking to attend, Student Life is providing a limited number of free tickets and organizing transport for those who RSVP. For those who are planning to go another time, tickets are around $25 depending on the type of experience you are looking for.

Pumpkin Patch Excursion

Halloween is not just about the frightful and high intensity scares. For some, the best part of the season is pumpkins and everything to do with them. Whether it be pumpkin spice, jack o’ lanterns or pumpkin pie, the Pumpkin Patch Excursion at noon on Oct. 22 hosted by the picnic club and Student Life is sure to scratch that itch.

Students who would like to be involved in the excursion should RSVP as soon as possible. The event is free, but there are a limited number of spots and transportation will not be provided. Grab your spot before they’re all out!

The Coroner’s Halloween Ball

“A costumed celebration of the mystical, mysterious, and macabre.”

Those looking for a special Halloween experience should turn their attention to the Coroner’s Halloween Ball on Oct. 29. Expect a whole day of spooky activities, including real true crime stories from coroners from the city and a carnival of curiosities. The setting in the Colorado Springs City Auditorium itself is said to be haunted, and that whatever haunts it is active after sundown.

The event features many ticketing options, so you can pay for the exact experience that you are looking for. Some of the events are free, but the later events may cost more.

The Haunted Mines

Another classic Colorado Springs Halloween experience is returning this year. The Haunted Mines is open to thrill seekers, with long, winding mining tunnels. The deep, dark secrets within are sure to scare even the bravest souls out there.

Tickets for the event are around $25, with different packages available for those who are looking for a more specific experience. The event will run through the end of the month and into early November.

Cave of the Winds Lantern Tour

Anyone looking for a Halloween experience that is wholly unique to Colorado Springs, look no further than the Haunted Lantern Tour at Cave of the Winds. The popular caves will be engulfed in total darkness, and attendees will carry dimly lit lanterns. Expect to hear not only about the history of the cave, but also ghost stories of those who have lost their lives within.

A Director’s Cut version of the classic Haunted Lantern Tour is limited to the month of October, so grab your tickets while you can. This two-hour tour costs $45.

Graphic art by Neako Hallisey.