How to properly clean your laptop

12 March 2019

Scribe staff

[email protected]

  1. When deep cleaning a laptop, make sure it is not plugged in and maybe even see if the battery can come out
  2. Flip the laptop upside down and shake out any loose crumbs that might be hiding in the keyboard
  3. Spray canned air to remove large pieces of gunk or take anything small like a q-tip that you have to get into the little crevices without damaging your computer.
  4. If there still seems to be some bigger pieces, vacuum the keyboard with a small vacuum – be careful!
  5. Dampen some q-tips with rubbing alcohol, and wipe them over and in between the keys. Make sure the swabs aren’t soaking wet.
  6. If you have some sort of putty or hard slime, you can roll that across the keys to pick up any leftover gunk.
  7. To disinfect the keyboard, use soap and water (lightly), a safe and non-abrasive cleaning product, Lysol disinfecting wipes or anything else you might have.