Snack Imposters: snacks that are healthy, but actually aren’t

13 March 2019

Scribe staff

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  • Yogurt Parfaits – The fruit that yogurt parfaits are made with are usually heavily sweetened. Because of the high sugar content, it causes you to just be hungry immediately afterward and gives you a sugar crash. (Abby)
  • Cliff bars  – They may seem low in fat and high in protein, but their sugar content is out of this world. (Nicolas)
  • Trail mix – This is a great snack and it comes in all different mixtures. The problem is that many of them included various chocolate chips or chocolate candies like M&M. Even the amount of salt in most trail mix is out of this world. These things completely take away the “healthy” aspect. (Taylor)
  • Fruit jerky/dried fruit – They’re fine in small quantities, but they taste like candy so it’s really easy to overdo it. (Edna)
  • Nature Valley granola bars – They’re packed with sugar, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a healthy, fit snack. (Israel)
  • Fruit leather – It is supposed to be healthy, but it can contain so much sugar! Some dried fruit can contain over 20 grams of sugar and unnecessary preservatives so you should always read the nutrition label before you consume it! (Camie)